Where the Big Boys Play #35: Wrestlewar 89 Part 1

wrestlewar89Chad and Parv welcome Lee Maughan, co-author of the multi-volume Complete WWF Video Guide, and Jason Mann, host of the Wrestlespective podcast. In this episode: Lee talks about his background as a wrestling fan growing up in the UK, his experiences writing the books and Ken Patera, round-up on April / May 89 newsletters including a WrestleMania V vs. Clash 6 readers’ poll, Barry Windham’s status as an assistant booker to Dusty, The Oakridge Boys vs. Run DMC, Doug Gilbert, ranking Sean Mooney among WWF’s C-string commentators, it’s Ranger Ross!, would Michael Hayes make a top 10 promos of all-time list?, when precisely did Hayes go from being cool to lame?, and wrestlers who don’t wear boots.