What to Watch 8/3-8/4

Another light weekend as we are in the doldrums of summer sports and quality tv wise.


Lawrence of Arabia (TCM, 8:00 PM, Saturday)

This is one of my favorite movies.  It requires a lot of patience but if you have time and nothing else to do tonight, it is worthwhile in the long run and the cinematography is stunning if nothing else.


Wrestlemania 29 (NBC, 9:00 PM, Saturday)

Because we all need more Rock vs. John Cena in our lives.


UFC 163 Aldo vs. Korean Zombie (PPV, 10:00 PM, Saturday)

Not the most attractive card in the world, but hopefully the Korean Zombie can get Aldo out of his “grinding opponents into a decision shell.”


Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Boston Red Sox (TBS, 1:30 PM, Sunday)

This is a neat little interleague matchup you are unfamiliar with.  Both teams are good as a bonus.


Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies (ESPN, 8:00 PM, Sunday)

Speaking of good, my beloved Braves are the hottest team in baseball right now having huge innings of offense.


The Killing (AMC, 9:00 PM, Sunday)

People swear this show has gotten a lot better in its third season.  I don’t totally believe them but they wrap up their season with a two hour conclusion.