Wednesday Morning Quarterback – 1/23/19

“We’ll remember this one forever” – Tom Brady

Championship Sunday was a full day of riveting drama. A historical day as both games went into Overtime for the first time. Unfortunately, the men in the striped shirts gained more attention over the men in the pads and helmets. Many will call for replay reviews of penalties further delaying future games. The critics of the NFL overtime system also have their day to debate and call for the league to revise the overtime rules. The opinion here is the system is fine as is. One team won the coin toss and lost while the other won it and secured the victory. Many favor the NCAA version of OT but starting at the 25 yd line is not the way the game is meant to be played.

New Orleans Saints fans have received the worst back to back knockouts in consecutive years ever. Sean Payton and Drew Brees lost their first home playoff game due to an egregious no-call on an obvious pass interference. But give the Rams credit for hanging in the game and surviving the early knockout blow. Sean McVay out Paytoned Payton with a fake punt down 13-0, which gave his team life. The defense made the Saints settle for early field goals and Greg “The Leg” Zeurlein nailed two monster field goals. Surprisingly, it came down to Jared Goff outplaying Brees. Goff was composed and clutch in the second half while Brees threw the killer pick in overtime and also badly under threw a key 4th quarter incompletion that stopped the clock. 

Tom Brady and the Patriots further extended Chiefs fans’ and Patriots haters’ misery with a vintage fourth quarter and overtime performance filled with numerous clutch third down passes. Dee Ford’s neutral zone infraction, Pat Mahomes missing a wide open receiver and taking a sack out of field goal range, and Tyreek Hill only grabbing one reception all added up to the Chiefs falling short. It takes a near perfect game to beat the Patriots and Andy Reid’s crew fell just short. Reid will continue to take heat for his playoff record but other than choosing to kick after winning the opening coin toss and a questionable challenge he put his team in position to win. 

We’ll preview the big one next week.

“Yes, I got there too early. I was beat, and I was trying to save the touchdown.” – Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman

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