Tuesday Top Ten: Best SNL Halloween Sketches

Welcome to the latest edition of The Tuesday Top Ten. This time around, Andy ranks his favorite Halloween and “scary” SNL skits.

10.  Weekend Update – Jimmy Fallon Trick Or Treating

This was a staple of Jimmy’s early years on SNL where he showed his talent for music and sang about trick or treating.

9. Matt Foley’s Scary Halloween Story

The late great Chris Farley’s best character never fails to get a laugh from the crowd or the other actors in the sketch. Especially when he tells them they could end up “living in a van down by the river!”

8. The Clinton’s Halloween Party

Amy Poehler at her best portraying Hilary Clinton with a special appearance by President Barack Obama dressed as Barack Obama.

7. Office Halloween Party

 There’s nothing like having a fun at an office Halloween party and being told by your boss over the phone that you all might have Hepatitis from a cake he made for you.

6. Vincent Price Halloween Special

Bill Hader with his spot-on Vincent Price featuring Kristen Wiig as Gloria Swanson, Jon Hamm as James Mason & Fred Armisen as Liberace.

5. Weekend Update – Stefon On Halloween

Bill Hader once again hitting it out of the park as his Weekend Update City Correspondent telling everyone the best spots to hit in New York City on Halloween.

4. Haunted Elevator featuring David S Pumpkins

 A very unusual haunted attraction featuring Tom Hanks as a Halloween character you just don’t really get.

3. Weekend Update – Drunk Uncle On Halloween

Bobby Moynihan’s Weekend Update correspondent going on an intoxicated, incoherent rant about America being in the garbage, et al.

2. The Exorcist 2

From the first season of SNL, Richard Pryor as one of the priests who confront a little girl possessed by the devil.

1. A Girl’s Halloween

One the best of the new generation of SNL digital shorts featuring Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong & Vanessa Bayer showing the before and after of a not so memorable night out on the town.

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