Traders Of The Lost Arcs #3 – G.I. Joe And The Transformers

On Episode #3 of Trader of the Lost Arcs, a loving look back on the comics we love, Tim Capel leads Shawn Kidd, Scott Shifflett and Andy Atherton through a limited four issue series from 1987, “G.I. Joe And The Transformers.” More known for their respective cartoon shows, this series placed two of the biggest Hasbro properties together in story that intertwines through many twists and turns featuring: protests that go from peaceful to violent, mind control, the destruction of a beloved Autobot, fear of the unknown, power struggles, the needs of the few vs. the needs of the many, unlikely alliances, major character deaths, political power plays, a secret love affair and an assassination, all the while the destruction of the planet Earth and fate of the human race hangs in the balance.

The panel has as many questions as they do answers while discussing the material: why certain characters were either excluded or got limited visibility; where in the timeline of each property the story takes place; the “off-screen” death and/or disappearances of Optimus Prime, Megatron & Cobra Commander; whether Power Station Alpha a deus ex machina or not; Hawk’s lack of leadership and morals; Bumblebee’s “flying envy”; the reason why Shockwave and not Starscream is scheming to take over the Decepticons; Dr. Mindbender & The Baroness carrying the load for Cobra; the lack of new leader for the Autobots; and have these properties been co-existing, unbeknownst to each other, the whole time?