This Week in Wrestling 9-25-16


Pete, Johnny, and Timothy are back with another jam packed this week in wrestling. The first starts with NWA on Demand and a look at the Tito Santana vs. Nick Bockwinkel match. The fall closes with a check in on ROH tv. How is the build to All Star Extravaganza? Fall two has Timothy and Pete discussing another Trevor Lee title defense and a look at the latest PWG DVD release. Timothy had high praise live for the Kyle O’Relily vs. Zack Sabre Jr. title match, did those thoughts hold up on tape? Fall three is all WWE as we look at the final build to Clash of Champions and the really strong wrestling on SmackDown.

00:00:30 Fall 1

00:01:50 NWA on demand Tito Santana v Nick Bockwinkel

00:15:39 ROH tv

00:22:52 Fall 2

00:34:45 Lucha Underground

00:53:49 CWF-Mid Atlantic

01:08:11 PWG 13

01:42:38 Fall 3

01:42:49 NXT

02:00:52 Raw

02:20:00 SD!/Talking Smack

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