This Week In Wrestling 2/28/16


Fall 1

Pete and Johnny talk about a great Freebirds vs Chavo Guerrero/Terry Taylor/ Bill Watts 8/23/86 from Johnny talks about the NWA-NRW tv taping he went to. The TV can be found Then finish up the go home show for ROH.

Fall 2

Pete and Timothy review the 2 Honor Rising Shows. What worked and what didn’t. Moose looking like a star. Where was Cheeseburger?

Fall 3 Pete and Johnny review the NXT show. Check out the debut of Edge and Christian’s show. Argue about if HHH is a heel or face. The world according to Johnny on who is booing Roman Reigns.

0:01:05 NWA Classics Freebirds vs Chavo Guerrero, Terry Taylor, and Bill Watts
00:09:15 NWA NRW
00:21:42 ROH TV
Fall 2 00:38:48
00:39:09 Lucha Underground
01:01:35 Honor Rising Night 1
01:51:51 Honor Rising Night 2
Fall 3 02:40:31
02:40:50 NXT
03:00:15 Edge and Christian Show
03:09:20 RAW​

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