SPACE CITY! – An NWA on Demand Podcast 1-3-16

Pete and Johnny are back to discuss the releases on this week.
1.Abby vs Bill Williams
2.JJ Dillon and Abby promo
-The boys squeal in delight like they’re teenage girls in the front row of a New Directions concert.
3.Abby vs Kim Duk from 3/31/78-JJ narrates over the match
-The guys discuss the greatness of all of this.
4. Abby vs Sika Anoi
-Again the guys discuss what they love about this.
5.Another JJ and Abby segment
6.Wahoo vs Gary Young 1/2/81
-Why is that date important to Houston Wrestling?
-The guys discuss the match and the wrestlers.
-Use the tubio app to cast from your I-phone or Android to the roku. It feels like their is an app on roku.
8. NWAONDEMAND has a you tube channel.