The Special Relations #17: 6am Twitches

In episode 17 of The Special Relations Calum McDougall, Rory McNamara and Ben Locke are back with the usual mix of seriousness and nonsense.

In this episode the boys discuss all things Wrestlemania including why this years edition is not grabbing their attention as well as the diminishing returns of previous modern Manias.  They also discuss the wrestling rumour mill and use the Andrade/Charlotte situation to help make sense of things.

In the 2nd part of the show we carry on our interview series where we review Chris Jerichos interview with Stephanie McMahon talking about what worked and theorizing about what didnt and why it stopped after 2 editions, we then go back 3 years and watch one of her best matches featuring Steph, HHH, Kurt Angle and Rhonda Rousey.  We finish with another round of Talk Your Way Out Of This One.

Come for the concept but stay for the tough semi, it’s the Special Relations.