The Special Relations #12: On the Lash with the Ledges

“The Special Relations are back with you for a spooktacular time as they complete a year of podcasting together. 

We are joined by special guest and actual American Tim Capel.  You get to hear Rory appear, disappear then reappear again. It was almost like we recorded out of sequence! 

We reminisce about Halloween Havocs past as well as talking about the NXT version coming up. Rory vanishes for a while, but Ben, Calum and Tim pick up the ball a la HHH in ’98 and discuss some of the people they like now who they didn’t like when they first started watching. 

In the second half of the show we discuss some of Tim’s favourite Britishisms that he has heard us come out with over this past year. It’s a bloody cracking segment, mate! We finish up by visiting Tim’s Happy Place where the gang watch a brutal battle from 2012 that surprised them all! 

As always, come for the content but stay for the silliness with the Special Relations!