The PTBN Sports Lounge #1 – UFC 173, AL East, NBA Draft Lottery and More

Welcome to the inaugural episode of PTBN’s Sports Lounge. This is the thinking man’s sports podcast where we look behind the numbers and peel back the onion on your favorite sports topics. The show is hosted by “Cowboy” Roger Morrissette who is joined by regular PTBN contributors Chad Campbell and Andrew Flanagan as well as MLB expert, Keith Schmidt. On the first episode, Cowboy, Chad, and Andrew take an in depth look at the NFL Draft through the eyes of the Browns, Vikings, and Jaguars. Also, the boys have a spirited debate around the NBA lottery and who will be picked in the Top 5. Next, Cowboy and Keith discuss the state of the AL East in what will be a regular feature on the Podcast. Finally, Cowboy breaks down UFC 173 in the MMA sendoff. Enjoy!