The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular, Episode 19: It Becomes Wrong – Star Trek: Insurrection


Star Trek: Insurrection threatens to cause an insurrection of its own in the newest dive into the Star Trek film vault on The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular. Glenn & Scott are joined by Scott Criscuolo to break down the fountain of youth, how a family feud becomes a parable about imperialism, F. Murray Abraham, what could have been done with Data in this movie that would actually have been interesting, the late stage of Jerry Goldsmith’s career, what insights can be gleaned from Michael Piller’s book about the writing of the film, and how The Next Generation deals with being jammed into a standard action movie formula. This podcast is replete with Scotts but doesn’t get confusing…not that we care about such things in this day and age. So pop a gorch and join the latest Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular!

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Musical selections from Star Trek: Insurrection by Jerry Goldsmith:
“End Credits”
“Ba’Ku Village”
“The Drones Attack”
“The Healing Process”

Author: Glenn Butler

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