The Americans Season Two – PTBN Prediction Results


Warning, this article contains spoilers for season two of The Americans

Before season two of The Americans kicked off, Justin Rozzero, Jen Engle, Andrew Flanagan and Chad Campbell looked back at season one and always levied some predictions about what was to come in the show’s sophomore year. With the finale having now aired, we revisit those predictions to see how our analysts faired!

Question: Which character will go through the biggest change in season two?

Predictions: Jen Engle: Martha Hanson, Chad Campbell: Paige Jennings, Andrew Flanagan: Elizabeth Jennings, Justin Rozzero: Paige Jennings

What Happened: This is a fairly subjective category, but I think we all whiffed a bit here. Martha pretty much stayed the course, with her only change coming towards the end of the season when she decided to inadvertently betray her country to help her husband. She was always close to cracking and do whatever it took to please Clark. Paige did go through change, but it would be hard to argue she went through the most change of anyone on the show. Her tendencies that flashed throughout season one were not far off from the path she followed a season later. She may be the leader in the clubhouse for season three, though. Elizabeth also began to show a little bit more compassion, mainly centered around her fears for her children. She also opened her heart back up to Philip, but again no significant change. Stan Beeman was not chosen, but I think of anybody involved as a main character, he went through the most change over the course of the year. Points: None

Question: Which known character will be the first to die in season two?

Predictions: Jen Engle: Nina, Chad Campbell: Claudia; Andrew Flanagan: Martha Hanson; Justin Rozzero: Claudia

What Happened: No major character died in season two. We saw plenty of minor characters pop up and bite the dust, including the Connors family, but as far as all of the predictions here, we came up empty. Martha and Claudia both made it through the finale unscathed and Nina was seemingly being marched to her death but we have no confirmation that she was killed by the time the finale wrapped up. Points: None


Question: What role will Martha play in season two? Will she lead to Philip’s downfall?

Predictions: Jen Engle: She becomes a liability and gets divorced; Chad Campbell: She will remain the same, naive wife; Andrew Flanagan: She will die; Justin Rozzero: She will remain the same, naive wife

What Happened: And we finally check in and get on the board here as Chad and Justin correctly called that Martha would close out the season in the same role she opened it as. We did get some teases, and she came close to pulling Clark down when she as on the verge of applying for a new job and disclosing her relationship with him. She pulled back at the last minute, and by the end she ended up gathering crucial documents for her husband after Clark had spliced together audio of her peers talking shit about her. When the season wrapped, their marriage remained in tact. Points: Chad & Justin

Question: Will Philip & Elizabeth reunite by the end of season two?

Predictions: Jen Engle: Yes; Chad Campbell: Yes; Andrew Flanagan: Yes; Justin Rozzero: Yes

What Happened: Phillip and Elizabeth were reunited immediately at the start of season two. Layup point across the board. Points: Jen, Chad, Andrew & Justin


Question: Will Nina make it through season two alive?

Predictions: Jen Engle: No; Chad Campbell: No; Andrew Flanagan: No; Justin Rozzero: Yes

What Happened: Nina had a wild roller coaster ride in season two. She betrayed Stan after he killed her friend and worked her way back up the KGB ranks. She fell in love with Oleg and was placed into a very difficult mission in which she had to convince Beeman to betray his country out of his love to her. It was teased that if she failed the mission, she would be extradited back to Russia and put on trial for treason. Beeman stayed true to the USA and the season closed with Nina being driven off from the Rezidentura, presumably to the airport. However, as mentioned above, we never received confirmation of her death. Points: Justin


Question: In which episode of the season will the children finally find out about their parents’ true identity? Will it be just one of them or both that discover the truth?

Predictions: Jen Engle: Paige discovers mid-season; Chad Campbell: Paige discovers late-season; Andrew Flanagan: Henry discovers at end of season; Justin Rozzero: Paige discovers late-season

What Happened: Even though Paige got close on more than occasion, neither she nor Henry discovered the truth about their parents. However, in a very interesting twist, it seems as if Paige has been targeted by the homeland to become the next undercover spy, whether her parents are on board or not. At season’s end, Philip warned Arkady that he and Elizabeth would quit if they messed with Paige, but we all know this is not the last we have heard of this issue. Points: None

Question: Does Stan Beeman discover the true identity of the Jennings in this season?

Predictions: Jen Engle: No; Chad Campbell: No; Andrew Flanagan: No; Justin Rozzero: Yes

Predictions: Stan Beeman had a lot going on in season two, but he never discovered the truth about his trusted neighbors. Something tells us that it is coming sooner than later, especially now that Beeman is free of the Nina affair that had been taking up all of his free time over the previous two seasons. Points: Jen, Chad & Andrew


Final Tally:

Chad Campbell: 3

Justin Rozzero: 3

Jen Engle: 2

Andrew Flanagan: 2

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