Tag Teams Back Again Episode 11: “Oui Oui, Ricky Martel!”


Kelly and Marty continue to rock and roll and strut and cut their way through 1987 WWF. We talk about French Canadians, cocaine, the decline of the white bread babyface team, Mark Jindrak (????) and of course lots o’ tag team wrestling.

Tonight’s lineup:

Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs, 4/28 SNME
The New Dream Team vs Rougeau Brothers 5/9 Philly
Demolition vs Killer Bees 5/18 MSG
Hart Foundation vs Can Am Connection 6/3 Rochester
Demolition vs Can Am Connection 6/6 Boston
Brutus Beefcake, Rougeau Brothers vs The New Dream Team, Johnny V 6/23 Indianapolis
Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs 7/25 MSG

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