The T.J. McAloon Show Episode 2 – Big Nasty talks Hulk Hogan & More

With Episode One finished we roll onto the second show of, “The T.J. McAloon Show”. This week’s guest is the face of Bleacher Report’s WWE section: Big Nasty. He’s the host of his own weekly podcast, “PodNasty” and someone that enjoys late 90’s/early 00’s rap and hip hop as much as I do.

We spend the first portion of the podcast discussing his work on his podcast and Bleacher Report before moving onto Hulk Hogan and his recent racist comments. The discussion kicks up when we discover why black wrestlers aren’t pushed or represented well inside WWE.

This week’s episode is a great discussion on the race in wrestling topic. If you want to share your thoughts after listening you can do so by tweeting either myself: @tjmcaloon or Big Nasty himself: @ThisIsNasty.