Survey Says: A WCW Retrospective #13

Andy and Tim are in studio and guest-less for an all-new thought experiment edition of Survey Says! This episode is concerned with answering the question, “Who used ’em better?” as we conduct a speed run through the careers of various personalities who had stints in both the WWF and WCW. Up for evaluation this round:
*Roddy Piper
*Randy Savage
*Ricky Steamboat
*Ric Flair
*Curt Hennig
*Sid Vicious
*Rick Rude
*Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard
*Dustin Rhodes
*Jim Duggan
*Chris Jericho
To name but a few! How much stock do we put in work rate vs. character? Who overcomes the limitations of their booking? Can we navigate our own biases and guilty pleasures? There are bound to be some surprises along the way as we consider these issues to ultimately determine where each performer’s best years were spent! This is a concept with some legs, so join us to see which promotion reigns supreme in the first installment of a series we will revisit periodically.
PLUS: Andy shares a Very Important Phone Call, and we bestow a unique honorific on one lucky listener. Stay tuned next month when we return, scorecards in hand, for a thematically appropriate summertime survey! Until then, keep on SARSA-ing.

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