Survey Says #17: Road Wild ’99

It had to be done! An event we’ve referenced, talked around, and expressed some inexplicable degree of of nostalgia for, dating to our every first episode. No longer merely within our orbit, the Summer of Survey Says now touches down directly in Sturgis, SD for Road Wild 1999! Join Andy and Tim on a winding ride through the following:

-The show’s sneaky historical significance
-Butterfly fries, and other fair food
-ICP as secondary celebrity wrestlers
-The worst place for a Harlem Heat reunion
-Bad WWE Network dubs
-Cosplaying Sonny Onoo
-Sid and Sting: great chemistry, meh matches
-A strange coda to the WCW careers of Randy Savage AND Dennis Rodman
-Gimmicked feces?
-WCW’s directionless 1999 World Heavyweight Championship scene
-Kevin Nash’s retirement from the wrestling industry forever LOL

Strap in, *makes motorcycle noises* ride hard, *more motorcycle noises* and… put it up… wet? Tired cliches aside, it’s Destination Podcasting with Survey Says!

NEXT TIME: Celebrating our second anniversary with a BANG

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