Super Extreme Vault: A Hardcore Podcast (ECW in 1998)

Tracy Smothers
How great was Smothers in 1998?

It’s a spin off! A former sub series of the Pro-Wrestling Super Show has found it’s own voice. It’s the debut of the Super Extreme Vault: A Hardcore Podcast with Steven Graham, Marc Clair & Glenn Butler. On the first show, we take a look at the year of 1998 in ECW. After we discuss the footage, we give our top moments, matches and wrestlers of the year! Join us as the podcasting world becomes extreme!

The watch list:

1) a music video
2) The Great Sasuke vs Justin Credible (House Party, 1/10)
3) The Sandman vs Sabu (Highway to Hell, House Party, 1/10)
4) FBI vs Chris Candido & Lance Storm (3/6)
5) Too Cold Scorpio vs Shane Douglas (3/7)
6) Rob Van Dam vs Bam Bam Bigelow (4/4)
7) Bushwhackers in ECW
8) FBI vs Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten (A Matter of Respect, 5/16)
9) FBI vs Blue Meanie & Nova (5/29)
10) Rumble Street Fight
11) Dudley Boyz and Beaulah
12) Dudley Boyz apologize to Beualah
13) Pulp Fiction promos