Steve’s Wonderful Lists of Disney: Villains #30-21

It’s time to reveal the next batch of my rankings of the Villains of Disney with #30-21:

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30. Anastasia and Drizella (Cinderella)

The snotty and spoiled daughters of Lady Tremaine, they look down on Cinderella and ruthlessly destroy her dress after they learn she added some of their discarded items out of jealousy for her.

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29. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed (The Lion King)

These three hyenas who work with Scar to take over Pride Rock and reap the rewards, but they ultimately fail to kill Simba who returns and they eventually turn on Scar who tried to throw them under the bus to save himself.

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28. Robert Callaghan (Big Hero 6)

Tadashi’s professor who is believed to have been killed in an explosion, he is revealed to be alive and has stolen Hiro’s technology as he vows revenge on the company that he believes killed his daughter though he is stopped by Hiro and his friends.

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27. Monstro the Whale (Pinocchio)

The giant whale of the ocean swallows Geppetto and his boat and later swallows Pinocchio while feeding on fish, and Pinocchio and Geppetto make their escape and Pinocchio sacrifices himself to save his father from the whale.

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26. Kaa (The Jungle Book)

This sneaky python tries on two occasions to hypnotize and eat Mowgli, but he is stopped both times first by Bagheera and later by Shere Khan as he is left crawling away in shame after being humiliated.

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25. Prince John (Robin Hood)

Taking control of England while his brother Richard is away fighting in the Crusades, John taxes the poor people of Nottingham and becomes a greedy ruler though he is foiled repeatedly by Robin Hood much to his frustration.

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24. Professor Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)

The rat equivalent of Professor Moriarty, he looks to take over as the ruler of England but he is foiled by his rival Basil of Baker Street and he ultimately falls to his death off of Big Ben.

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23. Shan Yu (Mulan)

The ruthless leader of the Huns, he leads them to China to finally conquer the country though he is thwarted by the unlikely heroine Mulan and he is launched into a tower of fireworks.

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22. Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Serving as the advisor of Kuzco until he fires her, she enlists her partner Kronk to kill Kuzco though they turn him into a llama instead and he is sent away as she takes control only for Kuzco and Pacha to stop her by turning her into a kitten.

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21. Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)

The cunning tiger who returns to the jungle after learning that Mowgli is there, he finally confronts Mowgli only for Baloo and the vultures to fight him with Mowgli tying a burning branch to his tail and scaring him away.

That concludes this portion of the list and next week, the penultimate portion comes out with #20-11.