Richer & The Mailman Episode 13: Elmo, Halloween Hi-Jinx, Crackheads, and Facebook Trends

On this all new episode of Richer & The Mailman, Josh is joined by two new Mailmen: Justin Rozzero and Andy Flanagan as they navigate their way through ¬†quite a bit of topics. They talk about Ruben Studdard’s short stint as a celebrity, the ubiquitous presence of Elmo in the life of a parent, Halloween hijinx, Survivor Series 94, witnessing prostitutes solicit in parking lots while waiting for AAA, greedy motorcycle drivers hoarding parking spots, crackheads being crackheads, and Toronto’s Rob Ford possibly being the greatest troll the world has ever seen…. but at the very least being the greatest thing in the world this year.

They go on to talk about addictions (candy, food, crack), stupid social media trends (again), and they run through one of the many things they committed to videotape in their youth: a horribly inaccurate school project about Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

It all wraps up with the Bad Rap Song of The Week: Gas Pedal.

So sit back and see what Josh, Justin and Andy are delivering this week on Richer and The Mailmen!