PWO-PTBN Roundtable:’s Top 50 Heels in Wrestling History – Part 3


Inspired by the Squared Circle Gazette Radio’s recent show on the same topic, Parv (Titans of Wrestling, Where the Big Boys Play), Will (Good Will Wrestling, Wrestling with the Past), Johnny (Titans of Wrestling), and Steven Graham (Pro Wrestling Super Show) converge for this epic one-off roundtable to provide an alternative take on’s Top 50 Heels in Wrestling History. In this third part, they run through guys who didn’t make the WWE’s list who would have made theirs.

Parv’s Top 50*
1. Bobby Heenan
2. Vince McMahon
3. Michael Hayes
4. Ted DiBiase
5. Jim Cornette
6. Lou Albano
7. William Regal
8. The Sheik
9. Ole Anderson
10. Arn Anderson
11. Nick Bockwinkel
12. Terry Funk
13. The Assassin
14. Jerry Lawler
15. Jimmy Hart
16. Rick Rude
17. Tully Blanchard
18. Dick Murdoch
19. Jake Roberts
20. Ernie Ladd
21. Fred Blassie
22. Abdullah the Butcher
23. Hogan
24. Sgt Slaughter
25. Larry Zbyszko
26. Ivan Koloff
27. Jesse Ventura
28. The Grand Wizard
29. Roddy Piper
30. Paul E. Dangerously
31. Vader
32. Pat Patterson
33. Buddy Rose
34. Honky Tonk Man
35. Adrian Street
36. Ken Patera
37. Mick Foley
38. Andre
39. Buddy Rodgers
40. CM Punk
41. Sensational Sherri
42. Iron Sheik
43. Kurt Angle
44. Mr Perfect
45. Lex Luger
46. Buzz Sawyer
47. Randy Savage
48. JJ Dillon
49. Greg Valentine
50. Adrian Adonis

* This list is very much changed from the list that is read out during the show. Some guys have changed position after further consideration, and the two guys I picked almost entirely to “troll” the other panel members – IRS and Baron Scicluna – are dropped.

Steven’s Top 10

1. Bobby Heenan
2. Terry Funk
3. Vince McMahon
4. Jimmy Hart
5. Nick Bockwinkel
6. William Regal
7. Hollywood Hogan
8. Larry Zbyszko
9. Rick Rude
10. Jim Cornette

Will’s Top 10

1. Jimmy Hart
2. Buddy Rose
3. William Regal
4. Tully Blanchard
5. Jim Cornette
6. Bobby Heenan
7. Michael Hayes
8. Arn Anderson
9. Nick Bockwinkel
10. Ted DiBiase

Johnny’s Top 2
1. Roddy Piper
2. Jimmy Hart

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