PTBN Sports Lounge #20 – The Cowboy Rides Alone


This week’s edition of the Sports Lounge is here! When your host with the most, the Cowboy, arrived at the Sports Lounge he was shocked to find the place completely empty. Rather than pack it in and live to fight another day, Cowboy decides to tackle segment one on his own. He discusses the lack of quality on Thursday Night Football, the precipitous fall of the once mighty 49ers. He also gives his thoughts around who will win the putrid NFC South and pats himself on the back for his support of the Dallas Cowboys. After the break, Cowboy (and the listeners) are saved by the arrival of Cowboy, Sr in the Lounge. Father and son give their opinions on the terrible QB situations in Chicago, Cleveland, and Arizona. They close things out with a heated debate over, you guessed it, the Pittsburgh Steelers. You’ll never guess what side of that argument Senior fell on! As always grab your drink, light a cigar, and pull up a spot on the sofa. There’s plenty of room in the PTBN Sports Lounge!