PTBN Sports Lounge #15 – How About Them Cowboys! Steelers Stink!


This week’s edition of the PTBN Sports Lounge is here! In segment one your venerable host Cowboy is joined by the always-insightful Keith Schmidt. Cowboy and Keith take an in depth look at the Cowboys’ shocking victory in Seattle and discuss which “good” defense is worse, Cincinnati or Carolina. Other highlights include a discussion around the dominant Detroit defense and whether Matty Ice and the Falcons can turn things around. This is truly the calm before the storm as, after the break, Cowboy Sr. struts into the Lounge with his chin held high. Senior opens the segment with a monologue that can only be described as kicking the Steelers and their sizable fan base while they’re down. He follows that up with an equally critical take on Eli and the Giants. The rest of the segment is devoted to previewing the remainder of the Week 7 slate, highlighted by Sunday night’s clash between Denver and San Francisco. As always, there’s plenty of room so kick up your feet, light a cigar, and grab a spot on the couch with Cowboy and the crew in the PTBN Sports Lounge.