Pro Wrestling Love #35A: Best of Glam Metal Part 5.1

After the shortest hiatus in the history of podcasting, PRO WRESTLING LOVE IS BACK! Happy Labor Day Everybody! Ryan From Chicago & Good ‘Ol Will from Texas join Marty to finish up their Glam Metal Best Songs Countdown, but there is another wrinkle…The boys went out of control and couldn’t stop reminiscing and they went over four hours! So this episode will only be #s 5-3! This episode is dedicated to Marty’s rocker concert bud, Melissa, if youre out there, keep rockin’! Will feels the PAIN, the PAIN and never gives up on the road. Ryan regales us with stories of the Dingo Warrior and Sugar Ray! In a total curveball, Will goes wild about the MONKEES! If you love heavy metal, glam metal, check this out, download and enjoy!