Pop Goes the Classics – A Bug’s Life Live Watch

On a special episode of Pop Goes The Classics, Andy Atherton rides solo to do a live watch of 1998’s A Bug’s Life. Originally broadcasted live on Stream Lounge, he gives his thoughts on the great ensemble voice cast; the animated take on The Magnificent Seven; The Twig of ’93; Flik’s Doc Brown-esque inventions; the lifespan of ants; how terrifying Hopper is; rabid grasshoppers; Flik’s fool’s errand; PT Flea the carnie; Bug City; Thud, the “Mongo” of the movie; comedy of misunderstandings; movie parallels; The War Magician; Heimlich’s obsession with becoming a butterfly; bug celebrations; the nefarious plot of the grasshoppers; bug pep talks; Russian gibberish; metal in the microwave; PT Flea ruining the troupe’s plans & the first set of Pixar outtakes.

To watch along on Stream Lounge, click this link: