Place to Be Podcast Playlist

This is an ongoing playlist that is comprised of all the open and closing songs for the Place to Be Podcast!

1: Make It; Cade & Murdoch Theme
2: San Francisco; Empire State of Mind
3: Easy Lover; None
4: Rock Theme; Drew McIntyre Theme
5: Wrestlemania II Theme; None
6: Jersey Shore Theme; I Like It
7: New York Groove; NBA on NBC
8: Notorious; Jim Duggan Theme
9: Tom Sawyer; Rock You Like a Hurricane
10: Jive Soul Bro; Lean on Me
11: The Choice is Yours; Teach Me How to Dougie
12: Black Betty; I Got Five On It
13: Hey Ladies; Mama Said Knock You Out
14: Mind Playing Tricks; Regulate
15: Spirit in the Sky; I’ve Had the Time of My Life
16: Real American; Wrestlemania Theme
17: Green Onions; Easy Lover
18: Paper Planes; Big Time
19: Black & Yellow; Hate Me Now
20: Spiderwebs; Saturday Night’s Main Event Theme
21: No Matter What; Flash Theme
22: Rhymin & Stealin; Hate Me Now
23: Poison; Razor Ramon Theme
24: Redemption; Pomp & Circumstance
25: Heat of the Moment; Mountie Theme
26: Real American; USA
27: Seed 2.0; Ultimate Warrior Theme
28: Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy; Dallas Theme
29: Twinz; Jive Soul Bro
30: Get Back; Big John Studd Theme
31: Rolled Up; None
32: Pomp & Circumstance; Randy Savage Promo
33: Just a Friend; None
34: Overture from Tommy; Clip from Wrestlemania V
35: Miserlou; In Love With a Stripper
36: Guns of Brixton; Brutus Beefcake Theme
37: 25 or 6 to 4; Mr. Perfect Theme
38: Ruff Ryders Anthem; Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (Bachelor Bus Remix)
39: Black & Yellow; Shipping Up to Boston
40: Jerk It Out; 99 Red Balloons
41: Rhymin & Stealin; Ultimate Warrior Theme
42: Can’t Tell Me Nothing; Hey Lover
43: Notorious; Eddie Edwards Theme
44: Curb Your Enthusiasm; Muder She Wrote
45: Black Betty; Turkey in the Straw
46: Fuck You; CM Punk Theme
47: No Diggity; My Love Will Go On
48: Evolution Theme; Cult of Personality
49: Whoa; Stars & Stripes Forever
50: Black Betty; Stand Back
51: Paper Planes; Together
52: Teach Me How to Dougie; Highway to Hell
53: Gangsta’s Paradise; Like a Bird
54: Fuck You; Bright Lights, Bigger City
55: The Choice is Yours; Blue World Order Theme
56: Fifth of Beethoven; Repo-Man Theme
57: Guns of Brixton; Diesel Theme
58: No Rain; We Are the Champions
59: NFL on Fox; Welcome Back
60: Forever; Should I Stay or Should I Go
61: Flava In Ya Ear; Billionaire
62: Guns of Brixton; London Calling
63: Gangsta’s Paradise; Hokus Pokus
64: Black & Yellow; That’s All
65: Fifth of Beethoven; The Show Goes On
66: Spiderwebs; Empire State of Mind
67: Real American; Guess Who’s Back
68: Hey Ladies; Dirty Water
69: Forever; 99 Problems
70: People Everyday; Flavor of the Month
71: Spirit in the Sky; American Boy
72: Get Back; Only Wanna Be With You
73: Teach Me How to Dougie; Paul Revere
74: Just a Friend; Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
75: The Choice is Yours; My Crazy World
76: The Seed 2.0; Monster Mash
77: Spiderwebs; Ghostbusters
78: Forever; No Rain; White Room
79: Whoa; Bagpipes from Baghdad
80: Fuck You; Cannonball
81: Guns of Brixton; Vibes & Stuff
82: Frankenstein; Thunder in Paradise
83: Voodoo Child; Stop That Train
84: Centerfold; Turkey Song
85: Shoot to Thrill; Curb Your Enthusiasm; Green Onions; Make My Dreams Come True
86: Jet Airliner; 99 Problems
87: Hypnotize; Fat Bottom Girls
88: Take Me Home Tonight; Chelsea Dagger
89: Welcome to the Jungle; Sell Out
90: Only Wanna Be With You; The Fifth
91: The Choice is Yours; Whatta Man
92: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
93: Regulate; Hustler’s Story
94: Shake That; Fat Bottom Girls
95: I Got Five On It; Never There
96: Paper Planes; Unbelievable
97: Spirit in the Sky; Frankenstein; King of Wishful Thinking
98: Brodus Clay Theme; Brooklyn Go Hard
99: Jerk It Out; Pumped Up Kicks
100: Celebration; Scotty Doesn’t Know
101: Black Betty; Cold As Ice
102: The Choice Is Yours; Right Round
103: Just a Friend; The Show Goes On
104: How You Like Me Now; Hava Nagelia
105: You Be Killin Em; Free Fallin
106: Hold My Hand; Ants Marching
107: Love Story; Cupid’s Chokehold
108: Don’t You Want Me Baby; Good Riddance
109: Keep Their Heads Ringing; Encore
110: Baker Street; Big Poppa
111: Otis; Reminder
112: Pumped Up Kicks; No Easy Way Out
113: Dynamite Hack; He Got Game
114: You Make My Dreams Come True; Poison
115: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure; Bennie & the Jets
116: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See; What’s My Name
117: Living in America; Wrestlemania Theme
118: Return of the Mack; Miami
119: Electric City; Talking In Your Sleep
120: Mr. Wendel; Danger (East In The House)
121: How You Like Me Now; Man Called Sting
122: Lazy Song; Cold As Ice
123: Eggman; Space Ho’s
124: Old Apartment; Rah Rah
125: Right Round; Hungry Eyes
126: Sure Shot; No Sleep Til Brooklyn
127: Makin Some Noise; Dear Mama
128: When I Get You Alone; Gold Digger
129: The Power; Who Am I?
130: Ring of Fire; Swingtown
131: Come Baby Come; The Future of Shady Aftermath
132: Hokus Pokus; Stone Cold
133: Jungle Boogie; Zealots
134: Quality Control; The Impression That I Get
135: Change the Game; The World is Yours
136: When The Levy Breaks; Ohio
137: Move Bitch; House of Pain
138: Don’t Push; Abracadabra
139: Devil Without a Cause; Send Me On My Way
140: Living in America; Party in the USA
141: Take On Me; Tempted
142: Sopranos Theme; Got Urself a Gun
143: Rolling in the Deep; How’s It Gonna Be
144: Up Around the Bend; Found Out About You
145: Someday I Suppose; Stereo Hearts
146: 100 Percent; Things Done Changed
147: Cocaine; Fast Fuse
148: Roll Out; Give it to Me
149: Lake of Fire; April 29, 1992
150: Love Me, Sexy; At the Helm
151: Sad But True; Rainbow in the Dark
152: Radar Love; Summerslam Jam
153: Fett’s Vette; Let Me Ride
154: Glorified G; Unbelievable
155: Swingtown; Cold Rock a Party
156: Monday Night Football; March to the Trenches
157: The Whip; Save Me
158: Tennessee; Hey Joe
159: OPP; Jurass Finish First
160: Iesha; Area Codes
161: Insane in the Brain; King Without a Crown
162: Gangsta Bitch; Sincerely Yours
163: Warning; September
164: Jungle Love; Train in Vain
165: Around the Way Girl; Mysterious Ways
166: This is How We Do It; Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
167: Enter Sandman; Danger
168: Take a Picture; End of the Road
169: Me & My Crazy World; End of the World
170: Monster; This is Halloween
171: Monster Mash; Zombie Jamboree
172: Ghostbusters; I Put a Spell On You
173: Thriller; Nightmare on My Street
174: No Church in the Wild; 1970 Somethin’
175: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See; Take Me Home Tonight
176: Chillin; Let’s Go
177: Fantastic Voyage; Fist
178: You Can Do It; Ms. Jackson
179: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree; The Chipmunk Song
180: Happy Holidays; Dominick the Donkey
181: Up On The Housetop; Christmas in Hollis
182: Santa Claus is Coming to Town; Santa Baby
183: God That Failed; Sweet Thing
184: Frosty the Snowman; Christmas Wrapping
185: Feel Me Flow; How’s It Gonna Be
186: Cult of Personality; Sheamus Theme
187: Save Tonight; Almost Like Paradise
188: Superstition; Lay Me Down
189: Say It Ain’t So; Thrift Store
190: Five O’Clock World; I Know What You Want
191: Let Her Cry; I Know What You Want
192: So Ghetto; Highway to Hell
193: One Week; Under Pressure
194: Seven Nation Army; Hey Joe
195: Found Out About You; My Best Friend’s Girl
196: The Ledge; Frankenstein
197: Ho Hey; Ready or Not
198: WooHah; Warning
199: Til I Collapse; Deadly Game
200: Make It; Notorious
201: Can’t C Me; Funk #49
202: Monster; Voodoo Child
203: Ho’s; Walking on a Dream
204: Get Money; No Chance in Hell
205: Clock Strikes; Jive Soul Bro
206: Valentine; Love Song
207: All of My Love; He Got Game
208: Can’t Hold Me Down; Until it Sleeps
209: I’m Not a Player; Alive
210: Wrestlemania Theme; Wrestlemania
211: Suit & Tie; Empire State of Mind
212: I Just Wanna Love You; New York State of Mind
213: D’yer Maker; Coming Home
214: Started at the Bottom; Spiderman Theme
215: Daughter; The Influence
216: Owen Hart Theme (1992-1996); Owen Hart Theme (1997)
217: Between the Sheets; Self Esteem
218: Sleep Now in the Fire; Keepin the Faith
219: Home by the Sea; Serenade
220: Tears of a Clown; Thunder in Paradise
221: Git Up, Git Out; Wonderful Tonight
222: Two Princes; That’s the Way
223: 100%; One Headlight
224: Time; Check Yo Self (Das EFX Remix)
225: Big Poppa; The Unforgiven
226: Bonita Applebum; How Bizarre
227: Spirit in the Sky; Jumper
228: Fugeela; Not Enough
229: Hip Hop Hooray; You Can Call Me Al
230: Pinball Wizard; My Hero
231: Vivrant Thing; Amie
232: Daughter; Welcome to Paradise
233: Big Poppa; Short Skirt, Long Jacket
234: Do It; Wyatt Family Theme
235: It Takes Two; It Doesn’t Matter
236: Loungin; Sock it 2 Me
237: Get It On Tonight; Stayin Alive (N-Trance)
238: You Won’t Find a Love Like Mine; Ooh, California
239: Miss Jackson; Family Business
240: Sledgehammer; Monday Nitro Theme
241: Beyond the Sea; Stayin Alive
242: All For Love; American Badass
243: Jet Airliner; Vibes & Stuff
244: Hey Ladies; Summerslam Jam
245: The Joker; In the Summertime
246: What I Got; Summer Wind
247: Daughter; The Seed 2.0
248: Hit ‘Em High; Madden Rap 2001
249: Glorified G; April 29, 1992
250: Passing Me By; The Show Goes On
251: Juicy; Elevation
252: Take Me On; King Without a Crown
253: Talking in Your Sleep; Blurred Lines
254: Man in the Box; Whoomp! (There It Is)
255: Keep Ya Head Up; Tempted
256: Ho Hey, Rhymin & Stealin
257: Takeover; Glass Shatters
258: Where I Find My Heaven; La Schmoove
259: Zealots; I Will Survive (Cake)
260: Iesha; Unbelievable
261: Gimme Some More; End of the World
262: Space Ho’s; All of My Love
263: Monster Mash; Nightmare on My Street
264: I Put a Spell On You; Zombie Jamboree
265: Thriller; Ghostbusters
266: Time; No Easy Way Out
267: Monkberry Moon Delight; Hypnotize
268: My Way; My Way
269: That Was a Crazy Game of Poker; Rhymin & Stealin
270: Simon Says; Survivor Series Theme
271: Never Let You Go; Area Codes
272: Mistadobalina; Royals
273: Happy Holidays; Step Into Christmas
274: Christmas Eve/Saravejo; Santa Baby
275: Frosty the Snowman; Dominick the Donkey
276: Rocking Around the Christmas Tree; It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
277: Santa Claus is Coming to Town; Last Christmas
278: Up on the Housetop; Grinch 2000
279: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
280: Here Comes Your Man; Auld Lang Syne
281: You Came Up; Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
282: Smells Like Teen Spirit; Fantastic Voyage
283: All Night Long; You Be Killin Em
284: Hell (In the Afterlife); N 2 Gether Now
285: Thrift Shop; Blurred Lines
286: Alive; Lake of Fire
287: Calabria; Royal Rumble Theme
288: Juicy; War (What Is It Good For)
289: Jeremy; Bodies
290: Broken Out In Love;
291: All Apologies; Friends in Low Places
292: Break My Stride; American Boy
293: You’re a Customer; Click, Click Boom
294: We Are Young; Jungle Love
295: The End; I Fought the Law
296: Battle Theme; Also Sprach Zarathustra (Disco)
297: Take It On the Run; The Man
298: I Go Blind; The Rascal King
299: March Madness on CBS; Basketball
300: Notorious; Fantastic Voyage
301: 1 2 3 4 (Sumpin New); Beautiful Day
302: Give Me What I Need; NWO Theme Song
303: Broken Out in Love; Ain’t No Grave
304: Fuckin Problems; The Game
305: Ultimate Warrior Theme; The Warrior
306: Ball and Biscuit; I Wanna Be Sedated
307: New York Groove; 1970 Somethin’
308: The Creator; Voodoo Child
309: Rosa Parks; Buddy
310: Don’t Do Me Like That; I Just Wanna Love U
311: Where I’m From; King of Wishful Thinking
312: Brother Louie; Take a Picture
313: Things Done Changed; Hypnotize
314: Say It Ain’t So; Tossed Salads & Scrambled Eggs
315: I Can; Whoomp! (There It Is)
316: Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near); Hook
317: Do It; The Influence
318: Funky Child; I Got Five On it
319: Luv 2 Luv U; Date Rape
320: What’s the Difference; Pony
321: Lake of Fire; Beverly Hills 90210 Theme
322: Back to the Hotel; My Heart Will Go On
323: The Way You Do The Things You Do; Get Money
324: Talk Dirty; It Takes Two
325: You Dropped a Bomb On Me; Runaway Train
326: Wishing Well; Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
327: Country Grammar; Bring me to Life
328: Rascal King; Eye of the Tiger
329: Rollin; House of Pain
330: Work It; SmackDown Theme
331: How We Do It; Nobody Knows it But Me
332: N2Gether Now; Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
333: End of the Road; Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
334: Keep On Loving You; Conga
335: Superstition; Nightmare on My Street
336: Monster Mash; Zombie Jamboree
337: Thriller; Space Hos
338: This is Halloween; Superstition
339: Nightmare on My Street; My Eyes Playing Tricks On Me
340: Monster (B-52s); Monster (Kanye West)
341: Ghostbusters Theme; Thriller
342: Quiet Storm; Shoop Shoop Song
343: St. Anger; Bicycle Race
344: Behind the Sun; Opposites Attract
345: Unbelievable; Keeping the Faith
346: That’s All; Too Close
347: Flashing Lights; If This is It
348: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year; Step Into Christmas
349: Up On the Housetop; Last Christmas
350: Frosty the Snowman; Grinch 2000
351: Little Saint Nick; PTBN’s Twelve Days of Christmas
352: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
353: Return of the Mack; To Be With You
354: It’s So Hard; With a Little Help From My Friends
355: Bring It All To Me; Nasty
356: Dangerous (Busta Rhymes); Dangerous (Roxette)
357: The Seed 2.0; At the Helm
358: To Be With You; Living the Life
359: Passing Me By; Sell Out
360: Clique; Redemption
361: I Can; Don’t Push
362: Dumb; What is Love
363: NY State of Mind (Nas); I Can’t Go For That; Empire State of Mind
364: Cold As Ice; 2 Cold Scorpio Theme
365: Mr. Wendel; You Be Killin Em
366: Here Comes Your Man; Don’t You Want Me
367: Hypnotize; He Got Game
368: Sunshine Day; You’re My Best Friend
369: Maneater (Hall & Oates); A Change Would Do You Good
370: Black; Smooth Operator
371: Welcome Back; Funk #49
372: Just Lose It; Sex Machine
373: Summertime Blues; Dear Mr. Fantasy
374: We Fly High; Jet Airliner
375: You Can Do It; Grease
376: Holding On to Black Metal; Mesmerize
377: You Get What You Give; Ms. Jackson
378: Murder She Wrote; Angel is the Centerfold
379: Roddy Piper’s Theme; Roddy Piper’s Theme
380: Revolution; That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
381: I Feel Pretty; Bennie & The Jets
382: Hungry Like the Wolf; Don’t Dream It’s Over
383: Big Time; My Time Is Now
384: Monster Mash; Nightmare on My Street
385: Monster Mash; Ghostbuster
386: Without Me; Welcome Back
387: This is Exteme; Enter Sandman
388: Happy Holidays; Step Into Christmas
389: Frosty the Snowman; Mele Kalikimaka
390: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
391: Remedy; Get It Poppin’
392: Hotel California; The Way You Look Tonight
393: I’m Coming Home; Home Sweet Home
394: Lie, Cheat & Steal; Lie, Cheat & Steal
395: Make It; I’ve Had The Time of My Life
396: This Is It; Music
397: Back In the High Life Again; Ring of Fire
398: Basketball; He Got Game
399: Work It; Metalingus
400: Notorious; Umbrella
401: Sell Out; Break My Stride
402: Raspberry Beret; Jungle Love
403: Saturday Night’s Alright; Without Me
404: Big Time; Big Time
405: What If God Was One Of Us; Spirit in the Sky
406: Beware; Monkberry Moon Delight
407; This Is Extreme; Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
408: Hole In My Heart; More Than Words
409: This Is It; Glorified G
410: What You Won’t Do For Love; D-Generation X Theme
411: Music; Because I Got High
412: Ventura Highway; Sister Golden Hair
413: Cobrastyle; Dirty Water
414: In the Summertime; Hot in Herre
415: The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly); You Know How We Do It
416: Hot Together; Dick in a Box
417: It’s Too Darn Hot; Womanizer
418: Victorious; Down With the King
419: Sex Machine; House of Pain
420: Don’t Know; Champion
421: Monster Mash; Nightmare on My Street
422: Thriller; I Put a Spell On You
423: Superstition; Werewolf Bah Mitzvah
424: Simpsons Halloween Theme; Ghostbusters
425: Ladies & Gentleman; Billionaire
426: Sundown; Send Me On My Way
427: Notorious; U Can’t Touch This
428: Someday at Christmas; Santa Claus is Coming to Town
429: Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Claus; Frosty the Snowman
430: Happy Holidays; It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
431: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
432: Let’s Go Dancing; One Night in Bangkok
433: Saturday in the Park; Obsession
434: Wishing Well; Axel F
435: Connected; Desiree
436: Dear Mr. Fantasy; Fool in the Rain
437: Notorious; I’ve Had the Time of My Life
438: Talking In Your Sleep; Glory Days
439: Connected; The Promise You Made
440: Mistadobalina; Wedding Bell Blues
441: Dumb; Miami Vice Theme
442: Monkberry Moon Delight; Monster
443: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See; Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car
444: I Want You Back; Keep On Loving You
445: Otis; 1985
446: Surf Rider; Miserlou
447: You’re the Best Around; Make ‘Em Say Uhhhh
448: PIMP (Instrumental); Living in America
449: Changes; Hot in Herre
450: Whatta Man; Bad Medicine
451: This Is It; Georgy Porgy
452: Let Her Cry; No More
453: Eminence Front; Christie Road
454: When the Shit Goes Down; If You Leave
455: Summer in the City; Tears of a Clown
456: In My Bed; Behind the Stars
457: Maggie May; Crush On You
458: Redbone; Captain Lou
459: This Is How We Do; Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do)
460: Love Me Now (Remix); In Too Deep
461: John; All Cried Out
462: The Creator; Somewhere Out There
463: Hey Nineteen; Just a Gigolo
464: Feel So Good; Lay Me Down
465: Don’t Do Me Like That; Last Dance with Mary Jane
466: Monster Mash; Zombie Jamboree
467: Space Ho’s; Nightmare on My Street
468: Thriller; Ghostbusters
469: Despacito; I Fought the Law
470: Mi Gente; Mistadobalina
471: Mamacita, Donde Esta Santa Claus; Frosty the Snowman (Jackson 5)
472: Here Comes Santa Claus (Elvis Presley); Someday at Christmas
473: Mele Kalikimaka; All I Want for Christmas Is You (Vince Vance)
474: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
475: Headsprung; Auld Lang Syne
476: We Fly High; La Bamba
477: Keep on Dancing; Do You Love Me
478: Linger; Girls in Cars
479: Can I Get A…; Piledriver
480: Inside Out; Lost in Emotion
481: Get Busy; Billionaire
482: My Shit; Can’t Fight This Feeling
483: How You Like Me Now; Cold As Ice
484: Timber; I’ll Do For You
485: Good Life; Deacon Blues
486: Still Fly; I Want It That Way
487: Mesmerize; At The Helm
488: Right Above It; Hungry Eyes
489: Sir Duke; Ride Like the Wind
490: Money Ain’t A Thang; Facts of Life
491: Hey Jealousy; Steppin Out
492: Love is a Wonderful Thing; Found Out About You
493: Loungin; Wishing Well
494: Allentown; Leave a Tender Moment Alone
495: Wonderwall; Hook
496: Every Little Thing I Do; Yeah!
497: Part Time Lover; I Can’t Go For That
498: Doin’ Time; Under the Bridge
499: Summer in the City; Monkberry Moon Delight
500: Umbrella; Make It
501: Monster Mash; Space Ho’s
502: Superstition; Nightmare on My Street
503: Ghostbusters; Thriller
504: El Paso; So Much to Say
505: Up on the Housetop; All I Want For Christmas Is You (Vince Vance)
506: Here Comes Santa Claus (Elvis Presley); Happy Holidays
507: Someday at Christmas; Christmas Wrappin’
508: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
509: Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On ‘Em); Tutti Frutti (Gene Okerlund)
510: Live Forever; 2 Become 1
511: Lady; Rockin’ Robin
512: Make It; Umbrella (Casey Abrams)
513: Jane Says; Yellow Ledbetter
514: Sea of Love; The Wind Beneath My Wings
515: Maggie May; Two Princes
516: Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind; Me & My Crazy World
517: Splash Waterfalls; Rockin’ Robin
518: My Shit; Monkberry Moon Delight
519: Just a Friend; Be a Man
520: To Be With You; Oh Sherrie
521: Only Wanna Be With You; Don’t Come Around Here No More
522: Scooby Snacks; Jive Ol’ Fo
523: Vehicle; Pretty Little Angel Eyes
524: 6 Underground; If I Could Turn Back Time
525: Oh Sherrie; Land Down Under
526: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road; The Show Goes On
527: Survivor; Candy Girl
528: Get Busy; Milkshake
529: Sweet Freedom; Loser
530: New York, New York; Empire State of Mind
531: No Holds Barred; Santeria
532: Vampire; This is Halloween
533: Rumble; Monster; Nightmare on My Street
534: Thriller; Ghostbusters
535: Up on the Houstop; All I Want For Christmas Is You (Vince Vance)
536: Candy Cane Lane; Happy Holidays
537: Someday at Christmas; Christmas Rappin’
538: Mele Kalikimaka; Blue Christmas
539: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
540: The Warrior; The Man
541: Dear Mr. Fantasy; Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
542: Nika; One Week
543: Jungle Boogie; Jungle Fever
544: Night On Disco Mountain; Saturday Night Fever
545: In the Summertime (Shaggy); All Summer Long
546: Stressed Out; Temperature
547: Oktoberfest Yodeling; Jive Ol Foe
548: Rapture; Sailing
549: Let’s Dance; What’s the Frequency, Kenneth
550: I Got The…; Wanted Dead or Alive
551: Return of the Mack; Sad Songs Say So Much
552: Big Pimpin’; Keep On Dancing
553: Tequila Sunrise (Cypress Hill); Otherside
554: Get Money; Virtual Insanity
555: Cocaine; Hang On, Sloopy
556: Stars & Stripes Forever; Born In the USA
557: In the Summertime; Hits From the Bong
558: American Boy; Fortunate Son
559: Living in America; Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now
560: Monster Mash; Nightmare on My Street
561: Thriller; Ghostbusters
562: We Tryin to Stay Alive; Movin’ Out
563: Hungry Like the Wolf; Light My Fire
564: Up on the Housetop; All I Want For Christmas Is You (Vince Vance)
565: Candy Cane Lane; Happy Holidays
566: Christmas Wrapping; Christmas in Hollis
567: Hell; Together
568: Guns of Brixton; London Calling
569: Devil Without a Cause; El Paso
570: Make It; Black & Yellow
571: Once Bitten, Twice Shy; Tuesday’s Gone
572: No Easy Way Out; Glorified G
573: Tuesday’s Gone; Monkberry Moon Delight
574: Still Not a Player; It Takes Two
575: Story of My Life; The Man
576: Scenes From an Italian Restaurant; Scenes From an Italian Restaurant
577: What You Need; Buggin Out
578: Go All the Way; Carefree Highway
579: New York State of Mind; Empire State of Mind
580: I’ll Be Missing You; Yellow Ledbetter
581: A Girl Like You; How’s It Gonna Be
582: Logical Song; The Influence