Paulie’s Perspective: She-Hulk – Attorney at Law

She-Hulk /Attorney At Law


Created by: Jessica Gao

Starring: Tatiana Maslany; Mark Ruffalo; Ginger Gonzaga

So Jessica Gao is responsible for giving this series a go, and she has some pretty serious credits to her name. Rick and Morty, Corporate and Robot Chicken. Not serious like, dramatic, but serious like, pretty hefty, respectable, successful stuff.

Jessica does not take herself too serious, and neither does She-Hulk, which makes it fun, so far.

You wanna talk into the camera? Fine. You wanna bicker with the Hulk? Fine. You wanna “wolf-out” during court? Fine. Jessica does not have many hang ups when it comes to story, plot and character, and it has seemed to serve her very well.

The other good thing about She-Hulk is that it doesn’t take 3 episodes to build up to She-Hulk, and I think Jessica had a lot to do with us, because like I said – she doesn’t get hung up on stuff. So if they asked her, “Hey Jess – could you spread this out to like an entire season?” She would have said no, and I don’t care.

Where Daredevil took an entire season to become Daredevil and to even don the red suit – She-Hulk gets down to business right away. The first episode has her origin story, has her hulking out, and even has Titania, her archenemy appear!! So Jessica fired everything right away and with both barrels and thank God she did!

If i had to wait 4 episodes to see She-Hulk become She-Hulk, I would have NOT followed this series.  If it took 3 episodes to just tell her origin story, I would have given up on this. But I think Jessica Gao sensed the frustration with Marvel audiences and gave it all up right away and it was very entertaining and moved along pretty quickly.

I am not a big follower of She-Hulk, but I do like this series. It is smart, funny, clever, and clearly is not following protocol. Everything is established right away in the first episode, her relationship with Hulk, how she lives her life, how she got the Gamma rays in her blood – all of it, done and done, and that is a big thing that really makes me want to give this series a chance. Fiege gave Jessica the reins here, and he let her ride as fast as she wants and I think that’s a great thing. Do not micromanage, but do follow the big picture. To be honest, I was not looking forward to this show at all, and I was not excited about it all, but I am very glad I tuned in and gave it a chance, and you should too.