Off the Top Rope Episode 42: NJPW Super J-Cup 1994


In this episode, we talk TLC. The new champion, Randy Orton, which directions they’ll go for WrestleMania, the strength of the WWE tag division, and Brodus Clay, Main Event Playa. We touch on shaving, AJ Lee, office politics, and who will be WWE Champion first, Roman Reigns or Big E. Langston? From there, it’s talk about AJ Styles on TNA, and the Dixieland match rules, which we don’t even really understand.

After the break, it’s 13 of the greatest junior heavyweights (and Ricky Fuji) coming together for the 1994 Super J-Cup. We make several terrible jokes, talk about how young Taka looked, compared mullets, got into some firey debate, and more.

We name our MVPs and LVPs, and then reveal what we’re talking about next week, SummerSlam 2002!