Off the Top Rope Episode 29: WrestleMania X-Seven


In this episode, we talk Raw, Goldust being awesome, AJ Lee vs. Lawler and the cluster that is the current Divas feud, the building up of Survivor Series, Booker T, and more. We talk about the best matches we’ve seen live, and cosplaying as Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell. We also try to remember what happened on a pretty forgettable Impact.

After the break, it’s the end of the Attitude Era, WrestleMania X-Seven (the X is for Xtreme), before we decide we’d rather talk Archer instead. We eventually get back on track, talk TLC, Benoit-Angle, overbooked soap opera awesome, and Rock vs. Austin.

We then name our MVPs and LVPs and reveal which show we’re reviewing next week, NWA Great American Bash 89: Glory Days.