Letters From Center Stage #13

In this episode of Letters From Center Stage, JT & Allan head into their offices in Atlanta, GA to dive deep into the outer rim of the nostalgia mothership that was WCW:

1. The Plunder Bucket: WCW Road Agents / Over Pushed Wrestlers
2. 1-800-COLLECT Road Report: Great American Bash 1991
3. The Long Topic: WCW Mini Movies~!

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9 thoughts on “Letters From Center Stage #13

    1. Mick’s description in his book, hysterical as it was, really doesn’t do that image justice. The whole ensemble, it really has to be seen to be believed. He’s not just wearing flip flops, he’s wearing flip flops that match his tights and knee pads! Tremendous.

      1. Wow, mind blown. Looks a LOT like Palumbo from a google image search.

        From Chuck’s wiki – “Palumbo’s initial WCW run was under the name Jungle Jim”. This was in 1998-99 so I guess I just assumed he was the same guy as the ’94 run.

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