Jonnie Sea and the Multiverse of Fabulousness #10: WCW 2000 Reboot!

Travel to Earth-2000 where Jonnie Sea (@TheJonnieSea) is here to REBOOK the REBOOT!

Jonnie is here to bring his FINAL word on WCW in the year 2000! He spent a year mocking the company on WCW Must Die, so it’s time to put up or shut up! Jonnie is tasked with recreating the reboot episodes of NITRO, THUNDER, and SPRING STAMPEDE 2000. 

He promises to keep Russo and Bischoff away from our television screens, but has to book the content in Vince Russo CRASH TV style! New factions are forged, old titles resurrected, and same old Ernest Miller in comedic GOD mode!

Warning: Contains wrestling gimmicks created for the year 2000, NOT 2022!

Bonus: Jonnie get in one last shot at Scott Hudson!