It Was A Thing on TV: Episodes 471 & 472 – Let’s Get Personal (1982)/Fast Friends (1984) (Pilot Month 2024)

This week on It Was a Thing on TV we continue with Pilot Month 2024.

First, 1982 was a time of flux at NBC in the daytime.  Game shows were out earlier that year minus Wheel of Fortune, replaced with soaps and sitcom reruns.  NBC had a pilot that was part-game, part-psychological analysis with Let’s Get Personal, hosted by a familiar face to NBC game show watchers, but also with an acting troupe of three big names around these parts.  

Then, as we have said in the past, Jay Wolpert is the master of the overly complex but unique game show format.  In this show, two people build a team of players with the end goal of winning that captain $10,000 and making some fast friends.  Apparently NBC passed this up for a show that John Davidson predicted would be on for a very long time.

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0:10 – Cold Open to Episode 471 (Update on The Virtual Ed Sullivan Show)

2:19 – Let’s Get Personal (1982 pilot)

33:52 – The Season Finale of The Russell Westbrook Update

36:45 – The Joey Gallo Update

38:28 – Cold Open to Episode 472 (Episode Change)

41:14 – Fast Friends (1984 pilot)

1:03:05 – This Week in Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour History (5-14-84/5-18-84)