GWWE Matches Results #5-1

Thus far, I’ve kept this intro short & sweet, focusing on getting to the results I know you care about. But for the last round, I wanted to take this space and thank the powers that be at Place to Be Nation. I’ve been listening to some of the OGs of the podcasts that eventually formed PTBN, like JT, Scott  and Chad for the better part of a decade and have heard them talk about wrestling for 100s, if not 1,000s of hours. You feel like you really get to know someone listening to them that much, even if you’ve never met. That’s not unlike sports radio show hosts, talk show hosts or DJ’s, but what was unique was the community that was built from these podcasts over the years.

Today, the work of so many people has led to an online wrestling/pop culture juggernaut featuring hot takes and shit takes and fire spit and bullshit displayed across the PTBN Wrestling, Pop Culture, the North-South Connection, Jenny Position and the website (apologies if I missed any feeds.) I’d list all the new podcasts with interesting gimmicks and great content, but I’m sure I’d forget somebody.

Through all that’s been going on the past few months, the pods, the discussion about these results or the next project (which you need to join if you haven’t already) has been a highlight in an otherwise dreary run. Maybe wrestling podcasts and online discussion won’t cure coronavirus or single-handedly lead to racial harmony, but it’s been a nice distraction from real life. Hopefully, you’ve all got a great support system of family and friends like I do, and enjoy all this free entertainment as a nice distraction. But if you need more, PTBN’s built a great community and I consider many of that group friends I’ve never met. And if you ever need a little more of a pick-me-up than typical wrestling/pop-culture buffoonery, feel free to reach out to that community or message me anytime.

OK, I’m off my soapbox and ready to reveal the 5 Greatest WWE Matches Ever, as voted on by you Place to Be Nation! I’ll add some commentary on the results afterwards.   If you missed any previous results, you can find those results here.

5. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart 

Date: 3/20/94

Event: WrestleMania X

# of Ballots: 33

Avg. Rating: 13.93939

High: 2

Low: 49

High Voter: Andu, Rory McNamara

4. Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker – Hell in a Cell 

Date: 10/5/97

Event: IYH: Bad Blood 1997

# of Ballots: 35

Avg. Rating: 17.22857

High: 1

Low: 75

High Voter: Logan Crosland, Calum McDougall

No. 1 Votes: 2

3. Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage – WWF Intercontinental Title Match 

Date: 3/29/87

Event: WrestleMania III

# of Ballots: 35

Avg. Rating: 16.42857

High: 1

Low: 51

High Voter: Brian Scala, David Schletty, Scott Criscuolo

No. 1 Votes: 3

2. John Cena vs. CM Punk – WWE Title Match

Date: 7/17/11

Event: Money in the Bank 2011

# of Ballots: 35

Avg. Rating: 10.68571

High: 1

Low: 59

High Voter: Aaron George

No. 1 Votes: 1

1.  Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin – Submission Match 

Date: 3/23/97

Event: WrestleMania 13

# of Ballots: 36

Avg. Rating: 6.055556

High: 1

Low: 68

High Voter: Steve Riddle II, Justin Webb, ROBERT SILVA, Tyler Kelley, Ben Locke, Michael Schoen, James Derbyshire, JT Rozzero, Rory McNamara, Dennis Nunez, Trust Issues, Jacob Williams, Chad Campbell, Martin Boulevard, Jeff Quinn, Tim Capel

No. 1 Votes: 16

I found a few things interesting in the final results. Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart from WM 13 was the one and only match that appeared on all 36 ballots, which is amazing to me. It was also the only match with an average rating under 10. The winning Austin-Hart match nabbed 16 of 36 first place votes (44.44%), but no other match received more than 3 first-place votes (Savage-Steamboat from WM 3) and only 3 other matches received 2 first-place votes (Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker- HIAC at Badd Blood, Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage at WM 7 and Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade Cien Almas at NXT Takeover Philadelphia.) That leaves 11 matches receiving a single first-place vote. The oldest match to make the top 100 was Pat Patterson vs. Sgt. Slaughter in an Alley Fight on 4/21/81 and the most recent match to make the top 100 was Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35.

Thanks for reading, participating, discussing and debating matches that made the list or just missed it. This project was a blast and the next one to determine the Greatest WCW Match Ever is off to a fantastic start.