Greetings From Allentown #24: WWF Superstars 06-18-1988

On this episode of Greetings From Allentown, we head out west to the Bay area for some WWF Superstars of Wrestling action from June 18, 1988!

– A look at the Hogan-less WWF of mid-1988, which also lacked Gene Okerlund leading to some forgotten broadcast teams
– Harley Race is just severely injured and not dead despite all appearances to the contrary
– The best in-ring work Superstar Billy Graham did in his WWF run: selling a figure four leglock
– The debut of the Big Bossman and how he is like David Ortiz
– Underage Louie Spicolli as spectacular enhancement worker
– The Rockers debut and are talked about as being in the tag title picture instantly
– Bret Hart continues his face turn by sending Jimmy Hart to get his shinebox once again
– The beautiful subtlety of the Rougeau Brothers heel turn
– Tough times for the Heenan Family in mid-88 as the Brain cuts a promo nearly in tears
– Sean Mooney can’t stop yelling and kind of spoils an upcoming angle
– Bam Bam Bigelow is all over the place in 1988

– A commercial for WWF fundraiser cards of the era
– A look at some C and D-level WWF show cards
– The weirdness of Steve Lombardi plugging the Superstar Ice Cream bars
– Why the first SummerSlam was scheduled for a Monday night
– Personal and financial regrets about hating the Mine doll in ’88.
– How to wake up Dave Meltzer at a long TV taping

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