Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast #2

clash 1

In episode #2 of the Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast, JT and Will tackle the following challenges as they dive into wrestling history:

– Draft Time – JT & Will begin to build their wrestling promotions using a set of parameters when drafting a North American based roster from 1985.

– Card Wars – We head to 1988 as Clash of the Champions I squares off with Saturday Night’s Main Event XVI!

– This Week in History – JT & Will delve throughout history to discuss the best matches, moments and cards from the week of June 7 – 13. Be sure to check out this great 1989 Eric Embry vs. Gary Young match that was talked about on the show!

– Mailbag! – The boys read answers questions from fans of the show.

So, kick back and join JT & Will in the Alliance as they travel through the history of wrestling!