Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast #18


In episode #18 of the Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast, JT and Will tackle the following challenges as they dive into wrestling history:

– Building the Card – Will & JT build their Ultimate WrestleMania Card choosing matches from WrestleMania 22 through WrestleMania 31.

– What If – The boys travel in time and prevent Triple H from falling in love with Stephanie McMahon. If they never get married what would become of The Game? Does he still dominate the World Title? Is he still with the company? Many questions to answer!

– Six Degrees of Separation – It is 3/16/16 and the boys celebrate Austin 3:16 by playing some six degrees of separation of Stone Cold!

– Mailbag! – The boys read answers questions from fans of the show.

So, kick back and join JT & Will in the Alliance as they travel through the history of wrestling!