Between the Sheets #91: April 12-18, 1989

Kris & David are joined by Bruce Mitchell (Pro Wrestling Torch) to discuss the week that was April 12-18, 1989. We discuss Barry Windham (Burt Reynolds’ favorite wrestler) being fired from the NWA and all the other major changes the NWA was making until Jim Herd. We also talk about Jumbo Tsuruta turning heel and unifying AJPW’s titles to form the Triple Crown, NJPW’s tough guys, Jarrett Promotions craziness, Roddy Piper tearing it up in Portland, and just how much did No Holds Barred cost to make. A great show with Bruce telling some awesome stories, so check it out!!!



0:00:00 WCW

1:25:54 Int’l: AJPW, NJPW, UWF, Mexico, & WWC

2:09:33 Classic Commercial Break

2:13:47 Housekeeping & The Amazon Game

2:55:13 USA East: SCW, PWF, CWF, & CWA/WCCW

3:43:25 USA West (AWA & Portland) & Potpourri

4:17:24 WWF