Between the Sheets #27: January 19-25, 1998 with Jordan Breen


Kris & David are joined by Jordan Breen (Sherdog) to discuss the week that was January 19-25, 1998. We discuss Hulk Hogan/WWF rumors that were running rampant, lots of WCW shows proper, AJPW/WWF business relations growing, NJPW contract season, Antonio Pena suing everybody, ECW/WWF business relations growing, Bobo Brazil’s death, and the mass hysteria surrounding the Steve Austin/Mike Tyson angle…a extremely fun show!!!!!!!!

0:00:00 WCW
1:50:09 Japan: AJPW, NJPW, BattlARTS, Michinoku Pro, RINGS, & JWP
2:24:35 Mexico: AAA, EMLL, & Promo Azteca
2:52:04 ECW
3:04:50 Potpourri
3:12:46 WWF

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