Battlestar In The 25th Century #7

On episode 7 of Battlestar in the 25th Century, Shawn and Scott live watch Buck Rogers episode 3 “Planet of the Slave Girls Part 1.” They discuss Wilma enjoying putting two men against each other, her Stephanie McMahon like laugh, Food Discs and Space Food Poisoning, hilarious fight scenes with stunt doubles that don’t hide the faces, a new jerk of a character named Duke, a fantastic assassination attempt on Dr. Huer, complete with Buck karate poses and a bad ass Gimp with a boomerang, NASA gymnastic and stealth hearing training, the fantastic Jack Palance as the Jesus like figure Kaleel with his glowing hands and his followers, including a woman who freely throws her husband under the boss to get him killed, Buck’s bath in the middle of a room, his hairiness and reputation to protect, smug robots and council members, Roddy McDowell as the worlds dumbest governor who has an equally annoying son and right hand, a big cliffhanger and so much more!