Ballers Don’t Lie: Turkey Time Edition

Welcome to another round of Ballers Don’t Lie! This week, we’re a bit sparse due to the hectic holidays, but our ballers check in on the greatness of the Warriors and their thoughts on the season thus far.

This week, Mike and JAD check in for a quick look at the NBA.
This week, Mike and JAD check in for a quick look at the NBA.

Tip-off Questions:

1. We’re close to the 20-game mark for most teams, so what are overall thoughts on the season at present?

2. has GSW atop its Power Rankings (as of Monday 11/28): Is that a good call?

3. What teams make your Top 3 & Bottom 3 right now?

Mike Eller:

This has been an awesome season of basketball right now. There are so many stars right now playing at an elite level. That has why this season has been such an enjoyment so far. Last Wednesday (11/23), I was watching the Pelicans and T’Wolves game on ESPN. Sure, those teams aren’t playing well, but you get to watch Anthony Davis, Karl Anthony-Towns, and Andrew Wiggins!

I agree with Golden State being at the top of the Power Rankings. The Warriors are atop of the Western Conference right now and their star power cannot be denied.

Top three are the Warriors, Cavaliers, and Clippers; bottom three are The Mavericks, Sixers, and Nets.

It's been a great season for Kevin Love and his new team.
It’s been a great season for Kevin Love and the Cavs.

J Arsenio D’Amato:

Not so awesome a season so far for us non-Cavalier fans, unfortunately. A lot of mediocrity and most teams on the back end of back-to-back games are getting blown out of the building. What are the biggest surprises so far? Number one surprise on the list is Houston. Mike D’Antoni and James Harden are a marriage made in heaven. That style of play and lack of defense won’t lead to any postseason success, but it’s very entertaining for the regular season and winning so far.

Joel Barnhart:

Couple more thoughts: 1. GSW: Good offense or Best offense ever? 2. How do the Spurs keep this up?

Mike Eller:

Too early to call the Warriors the best offense ever. They’ve been great but they’ve only played a quarter of the season so far. Best offense in the NBA today though.

The Spurs keep this up by making sure they keep relying on Kawhi Leonard and Lamarcus Aldridge and let the old guys get some rest. Tony Parker, Pau Gasol, Manu Ginoboli, and David Lee are guys either WAY past their prime or WAY, WAY past their prime, but they’re still valuable to this Spurs team. Sit them out games against bottom feeders and have them ready for the playoffs.

The Post-Duncan Spurs are off to a 15-4 start, thanks to players like Kawhi Leonard.
The Post-Duncan Spurs are off to a 15-4 start, thanks to players like Kawhi Leonard.

Another session is the in the books! Join us again in a couple weeks for another round of NBA chatter on Ballers Don’t Lie!

Author: Joel Barnhart

A big-time baseball nerd, Joel is currently teaching English as a Second Language in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to his MLB passion, he enjoys good whiskey, good music, good movies, and good friends. He is currently engaged in an ongoing 12-year online debate over the merits of bubble wrap.