22 Weeks Podcast – Week 8

This week on the 22 Weeks Podcast, the show returns discussing the Percy Harvin trade that went down last week. Who are the winners? Who are the losers? Does this save Rex Ryan’s Job? The panel of Pigskin Prognosticators breaks it all down.

Plus, the boys take on the subject of the lack of depth in the NFL. What causes it, will it effect the league long term? Dr. Marvin Williams breaks some of that down for us. It’s one of the best conversations we’ve ever had on the show. You’ll want to hear this one!

In our Cover 32 section, host Matt Ryan is joined by Senior Editor for Cover32.com Tim Weaver. Tim and Matt talk about (much to Matt’s chagrin) the rise of the Dallas Cowboys as they are 6-1 heading into week 8. Will it continue? Will they run Demarco Murray to the ground? This and much more is covered.

All of this including “who you got” and the battle of who could care less!

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