Titans of Wrestling #69: The Stampede Territory Part 5 (1/19 & 6/15 1979 TV)


Kelly and Travis continue their review of the removed WWE Network footage from the 70s, this time looking at the 1/19 & 6/15 1979 episodes.


Discussion includes:


-A heavy dose of Calgary sports-team nostalgia up front
-The awesomeness of Big Daddy Ritter and (yet again) John Foley
-Dynamite Kid vs Mr. Wrestling in a great, and rare for TV, full-length match
-Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart share a ring for the first time
-A young babyface Jake Roberts, two Puerto Rican legends, shorter than normal sized wrestlers, and much, much more!


Be sure to check out the Stampede footage, in particular the Dynamite Kid vs Mr. Wrestling match from the 1/19/79 episodewww.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV…u6tpAj-ypzT3GFUj3

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