Titans of Wrestling #65: WWF at Philadelphia Spectrum, October 16, 1982

titans 65

They may not be as youthful and prolific as they were back in 2014, but the Titans have returned once again, this time to say farewell to the marvelous commentary of that great individual, Kal Rudman!

On the docket:

Pedro Morales vs Superstar Graham
Bob Backlund vs Buddy Rose
Chief Jay Strongbow vs Mr. Saito
Pat Patterson vs Mr. Fuji

Also on the show:

-Parv hasn’t regained his wrestling smile, but he loves him some Pat Patterson vs Mr. Fuji, much to the disdain of Pete
-Conspiracy theories on why Kal Rudman was replaced as a commentator
-Repo Man: Greatest Gimmick Ever???
-Plus Titans of Wrestling turns 3 years old! (about 87 in human years)

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