Titans of Wrestling #45: Mid-Atlantic in the 1970s – Part 2


Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly return to Mid-Atlantic to look at the late 70s, which is a story of two men called Rick.

On the docket tonight:

Ric Flair vs. Steamboat (06/15/77) (TV title)
Ric Flair promo on a private jet
Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat (3/12/78) (Andre as special guest ref)
Flair, Ernie Ladd and Big John Studd promos
Greg Valentine vs. Jimmy Snuka (1978)
Boris Malenko and the Masked Superstar (1977)
Ken Patera vs. Ricky Steamboat (1979)
Iron Sheik vs. Ricky Steamboat (falls count anywhere, 1979)
Masked Superstar face turn (1980)

Also on this show:
– Steamboatmania is running wild in North Carolina
– Flair’s development as the best promo in the business
– Andre defines “Disney-chic”
– Johnny gurgles with Professor Malenko
– Comparison of Steamboat and Bob Backlund as top babyfaces

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