Titans of Wrestling #35: WWF at MSG – March 16, 1981

titans35Join Pete, Kelly and two grumpy old men to argue about Bob Backlund matches from 1981. Be sure to check out more from the Titans of Wrestling – including Titans TV – here.

On the docket tonight:

Yoshiaki Yatsu vs Baron Mikel Scicluna
SD Jones vs Johnny Rodz
Rick McGraw vs Moondog Rex
Dominic DeNucci vs Larry Sharpe
Bob Backlund vs Stan Hansen
Pedro Morales vs Moondog King
Andre the Giant vs Sgt. Slaughter
Rick Martel vs The Hangman
Tony Garea vs Bulldog Brower
Tony Atlas vs Hulk Hogan

Highlights include:

– More tales of The Baron
– The stat attack: win-loss records for SJ Jones, Johnny Rodz and many others
– The great matwork conspiracy of March 81
– Brief discussion of Dominic Denucci’s Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame case
– Plus: card games out the back, why Hansen and Brody never worked Hogan, Parv vs the world on Backlund round 254,some discussion of Rick Martel, and Tony Garea’s magnificent hair!