X-Position: An X-Men Podcast #1 – Night of the Sentinels, Part One

If you caught our special episode #0 SNEAK PREVIEW, you knew this show wasn’t far behind. But for those playing catch-up, brace yourselves: regular coverage of X-Men: The Animated Series has officially ARRIVED! Proudly presented by Jennifer Smith, Tim Capel, and a rotating panel of co-hosts, X-Position: An X-Men Podcast sees The Jenny Position transformed …mutated, if you will… into a retrospective chronicle of the X-Men’s adventures in other media and influence on the pop culture landscape. Joined by Keith Langston, Matt Souza, and Logan Crosland, this debut sees Jenny and Tim run down the tumultuous history leading up to a fateful series premiere on Halloween morning in 1992. A rapid-fire 22 minutes later and children’s television would be changed forever. Join us as we run down the key players, stakes, creative decisions, and themes that brought the hard-found X-Men TAS to life! How does the pilot fare as both an introduction to the X-Men’s world and as an adaptation of the source material? Is the voice acting up to par? Why this selection of characters? And if you thought Dazzler was confusing last time around, just who the heck is Morph?? Why does the opening theme go SO HARD?! All will be answered, and more, as we unpack Night of the Sentinels pt. 1!