WWE RAW Rundown 10-9-17

October 9, 2017

From the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T

A video highlight package on last week’s Intercontinental Championship match between Roman Reigns and The Miz.

Miz TV starts off the live show. He tells us that tonight is “The Mizzies” award show before saying that last week elevated him from the A-List to “the guy.” Curtis Axel wins for most perseverance and dedicates it to Bo Dallas, who is not here tonight due to injury. Miz then gloats about beating Reigns last week and tells us that Sheamus & Cesaro both win the “Best Supporting Actor” award as they now head out to the ring. They both mock Reigns as well as Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins before Miz addresses the buzz on social media about The Shield, as the fans cheer. However, Miz says The Shield was from the past and time has passed them by as everyone in the ring has put an end to Reigns. After giving himself a Mizzie for putting away Reigns, he dedicates it to his unborn child and every other kid who needs a role model but Reigns himself interrupts. Miz mocks the “Big Dog” but Reigns tells him he is not here to play games and is giving them once chance to get out of his ring. Miz says he cannot do it by himself as he is outnumbered 4 against 1 while the crowd chants for The Shield. Miz tells the crowd to shut their mouths and says the rumors of The Shield reuniting are just like Reigns, nothing but hype. However, Reigns wants to know who said anything about rumors as Ambrose comes out beside Reigns then is joined by Rollins. The Shield surrounds the ring despite being outnumbered then enter as we get a brawl. Reigns destroys Miz outside of the ring then comes in to take out Cesaro & Sheamus with Superman Punches. Miz is left on the outside and surrounded then tries to run away but Ambrose catches him with the Dirty Deeds then after some celebration The Shield hits Miz with the triple powerbomb and stand over Miz before giving the fist bump as Cole proclaims the rumors of The Shield reuniting are now true.

Strong way to open up the show. Miz was great in his role as the antagonist while the crowd was jacked for The Shield to reunite. The WWE has given the fans what they have wanted with this reunion so lets see what they have in store next. 

Karl Anderson w/ Luke Gallows vs. Jason Jordan

This match is the result of last week when Jordan & Matt Hardy lost to Gallows & Anderson, who were making fun of Jordan prior to the show. Jordan takes it to the mat to start. Anderson lures in Jordan and hits a forearm smash before applying a side headlock. Jordan breaks out but is distracted by Gallows as Anderson takes out his knees just before the break. The match returns with Anderson in control. He catches Jordan with a spinebuster for a two count then works the arm on the mat. Jordan fights out then hits a back suplex as both men are down. Jordan is up first and fires away. He hits an overhead suplex but Gallows provides a distraction that allows Anderson to rake the eyes. Jordan is able to kick out of a rollup despite the fact Anderson held the tights then knocks Gallows off of the apron. Anderson charges and misses an attack in the corner then Jordan picks Anderson up and hits the pop-up neckbreaker for the win (8:26) **. After the match, Gallows runs in but Jordan bails and celebrates on the ramp.

Thoughts: The match was fine but this crowd also did not care about Jordan. I assume he faces Gallows next week based off the staredown they had when the match was over.

Miz is with Axel in the trainers room. GM Kurt Angle comes in and says this is what happens when you provoke people and what he wished for, which is the spotlight. He then says Miz will be in the main event at the TLC PPV as he teams up with Cesaro & Sheamus to face The Shield in a TLC match. Miz is furious that The Shield are being rewarded with such a match but Angle says “its true, its damn true.” I liked seeing Angle get one-up on Miz here. Even if the match was predictable it was a fun segment.

Elias is in the ring. He talks about Apollo Crews and how his career is going around in circles, much like the Indy 500. He then tells the crowd to shut up so he can sing but after they boo, threatens them with silence before saying he likes the sound of his own voice too much. However, Titus interrupts by playing the banjo while walking down the aisle. Titus asks the crowd who wants to walk with Titus Worldwide and to “follow Apollo” before singing. Titus was mildly entertaining with the flimsy material provided.

Elias vs. Apollo Crews w/ Titus O’Neill

This match started during the break. Elias beats on Crews in the corner as the announcers talk about The TLC PPV main-event match. Elias gets a two count with a clothesline then uses a ropewalk forearm smash onto the arm. Elias now works an armbar but Crews escapes. He hits a clothesline and gets two with a standing moonsault before tossing Elias outside. He hits Elias with a moonsault block from the apron then heads back inside and fires away but Elias pulls him into the ropes where Crews hits his neck then gets the win with a Drift Away (3:15) *.

Thoughts: I have no clue why they needed to have Crews lose in this manner again to Elias. Both men need a feud but not with each other.

Enzo Amore comes out to the ring. He gets a favorable reaction. He brings up Kurt Angle and how they were doing great business with his “no contact” clause but now Angle has brought in Kalisto and awarded him a shot at his Cruiserweight Title at TLC. He then wants Angle to come out into the ring so Angle comes out. Enzo continues to talk trash then brings out his “no contact” clause while reading what it says after pointing out Angle’s signature which reads anyone who makes contact will forfeit their title shot. Angle says Enzo did not read the fine print where it said that only applied to those who had signed contracts with the Cruiserweight Division prior to his arrival. Enzo tells Angle he put the division on the map and is the biggest star in the locker room so he should make him happy. Angle wants to make him happy and to forget about his title match at TLC against Kalisto because he will face him tonight with the title on the line. Enzo is in disbelief and said he will only defend the title tonight if its in the main event then asks “how you doin'” before Angle leaves. However, Angle stops on the ramp and tells him the no-contact clause is off for tonight and to not think about getting counted out because it will be a lumber jack match tonight.

Again, Angle was not about to get played or made to look like an idiot by a demanding talent. I liked that and its nice to see Enzo get some comeuppance. 

Recap of the opening segment with The Shield reuniting.

Braun Strowman vs. Matt Hardy

Strowman shoves down Hardy a few times to start. He then tosses him after getting slapped but eats boot on a charge after that. Hardy lands a few shots and tries for the side effect but Strowman tosses him with a suplex. Strowman then runs over Hardy as we head to break. The match returns with Strowman working a chinlock. Hardy escapes then avoids a charge in the corner as Strowman’s shoulder collides with the post as he dumps outside. Hardy kicks Strowman as he heads back inside but gets tossed. Strowman runs into an elbow smash then Hardy hits a tornado DDT and signals for the Twist of Fate and hits it but only gets a one count as Strowman tossed him off. Hardy tries it again but gets hit with a chokeslam. Strowman pulls him up for another chokeslam before the running powerslam gets the win (6:33) **1/4. After the match, Strowman lifts Hardy over his shoulder and walks up the ramp. However, The Shield come out, sporting the new Shield t-shirts, as Strowman drops Hardy. Strowman goes after Reigns and pins him against the stage but Ambrose & Rollins help out their partner then clear off the announcers table and put Strowman through with a triple powerbomb as Strowman bounces off the stage.

Thoughts: The match itself was surprisingly fun and the crowd went nuts when Hardy hit the Twist of Fate. However, with his brother sidelined, Matt appears to have no direction and destined to put over talents they want pushed. The Shield attack on Strowman was strong and I expect fallout from that to occur soon.

After the break, The Shield tell Charly Caruso they are back and stronger than ever. Ambrose says they can take on any four or even five men. Reigns then say they are the three workhorses that run this business as Ambrose tells us to believe that.

Mickie James heads out to the ring. She talks about feeling like she has not belonged since returning to RAW and thought it might be her Southern accent, country music, or age but has now realized its been Alexa Bliss. Mickie says Alexa does all sorts of cheap shots behind her back but when she had the chance to prove herself last week, she hid behind her bodyguard. Mickie then tells Alexa to get off the booster seat and put on her big girl pants because she is all woman, something Alexa is not. Mickie points out Alexa’s hair dye and extensions and age is just a number because at TLC, she will become a 7-time WWE Women’s Champinon. Alexa now comes out on the ramp. She claims to be here to issue an apology and talks about putting together a career retrospective for her all week then introduces us to the tribute. They showed highlights of her career set to an old-time newsreel. Alexa is shown laughing when it ends then asks “grandma” Mickie if its past her bedtime and that she will run circles around her at TLC. Then, she will make her a VHS tape of the match. Mickie said she must not be able to hear here at her age so she invites Alexa into the ring. Alexa then asks the crowd if they have any hearing ads but the crowd rags on her so she gets pissed and heads next to the ring and taunts her with the belt before leaving. However, Mickie runs out and attacks Alexa then beats her down in the ring until Alexa is able to escape.

I’ve liked these verbal segments between Alexa and Mickie. Usually, the babyface feuding with Alexa is made to look like a putz but Mickie knows Alexa is scared and keeps calling her out to which Alexa has no answer. The story of Mickie gunning for her 7th title reign gives the match at TLC even more intrigue even if fans do not believe she has any chance at winning the title. 

An ad hyping up Asuka’s debut at TLC airs. After it ends, Angle is with Bayley and Sasha Banks as they are in awe. They both want to face Asuka at TLC but Alicia Fox interrupts and flips out over not having a t-shirt despite being the company over a decade. Dana Brooke reminds us she is on the roster by telling us it feels like she does not exist before Emma comes out to say she started the Diva’s Revolution and should get the match but Angle says they settle things in the ring and will all have a Fatal Five Way to determine who faces Asuka at TLC. A poorly contrived segment fighting over getting to face someone making their main roster debut. Since the company cares about Nia they did not include her in this mess.

Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali

Gallagher distracts Cedric by yanking Ali off of the apron then Kendrick hammers away. Gallagher tags in as Corey thinks Cedric is an amazing athlete who lacks the killer instinct. Kendrick & Gallagher continue to cut off the ring. Cedric finally escapes then tags out as Ali runs wild on both men. He hits Kendrick with a rolling neckbreaker but Gallagher dumps him outside. Ali whips Gallagher into the barricade but Kendrick trips him up and ses a rollup for two then hits the Sliced Bread #2 for the win as Cedric was not able to make the save in time (3:37) *.

Thoughts: In storyline, Kendrick & Gallagher needed to get their heat back after Cedric destroyed them both last week so having them win here made sense. The problem was the match was rushed and fell flat except for Ali’s brief flurry of offense at the end. The crowd was silent for this one.

We get a replay of The Shield putting Strowman through the announcers table. After that, Miz approaches Angle and brings up how Ambrose said the Shield can take on any four or five men and is now out to find another partner as he tells Angle to be a man of integrity and make the match 4 vs. 3. Miz then introduces the person he found as Strowman busts through the door and gets right in front of Angle and grunts before walking away. Cole says The Shield reunion might not last past TLC now as Strowman will join Miz, Cesaro, and Sheamus to face The Shield.

Finn Balor heads out to the ring. He tells us Balor Club is here in Indianapolis before mentioning how last week, Bray Wyatt introduced the world to Sister Abigail. Balor says he is speechless over the whole thing and compares Bray to a “poison” that is desperate for attention. Balor tells Bray to bring his whole family because at TLC he does not have a chance but then the lights flash and we see Bray get into his rocking chair on the screen. He tells us more about Sister Abigail then his face morphs into something else as a veil covers his face and is voice changes. “Sister Abigail” tells us that Bray is special and that she taught him the darkness and will always be by his side. She mentions being burnt to a crisp then says she will  turn a demon into a dandelion as she is worst than anything Balor has read in his mythology books. She laughs then turns back into Bray as the segment ends.

This was a terrible wrestling segment. It was a terrible television segment in general. All it did was make you feel embarrassed for watching wrestling on television. I have no idea who is supposed to be entertained by this, either. This feud should have ended at No Mercy and the fact it continues now is only going to hurt Balor in the long run. 

Fatal Five Way Elimination Match, Winner Faces Asuka at TLC: Sasha Banks vs. Emma vs. Alicia Fox vs. Dana Brooke vs. Bayley

Emma backs off as the rest of the women brawl. Dana stomps on Sasha on the outside then runs in to attack Fox from behind. Dana teams up with Emma to beat on Alicia as Cole mentions their past as a team. Dana then attacks Emma and hits a handspring elbow but Bayley cuts her off and hammers away. Dana fucks up a powerslam attempt then we get more sloppiness until Bayley eliminates her with a Bayley-to-Belly (2:29). Sasha almost rolls up Bayley from behind then Bayley knocks her down. Sasha fights off a Bayley-to-Belly attempt  then Fox shoves Bayley into Sasha and hits Bayley with an ax kick for the elimination (3:15). Alicia celebrates as we head to break then we return as Emma & Fox are beating on Sasha. However, the two as Fox does a lot of screaming between her offense. Sasha takes them both down with a double dropkick then runs wild on Fox. Sasha tries for a lungblower on Apron but Fox gets her with a reverse rollup from behind. Sasha kicks out and Alicia knocks Emma outside then Sasha is able to put Fox away with the Banks Statement (9:33). Emma then sneaks back inside and rolls up Sasha for the win (9:43) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Awful match. I hate to pick on someone who just lost a loved on but Dana just does not have what it takes to be a pro wrestler. Her strikes looked horrendous and that sequence with Bayley was a disaster that could have led to a serious injury. She showed more attitude so a heel turn is possible but she had a poor night. Bayley was eliminated quickly in less than impressive fashion as the handling of her on the main roster remains baffling. The finish was weak too and not a single performer came out of this looking good, including Cole who seemed to forget this was an elimination match after Dana was eliminated.

Renee Young is backstage with Finn Balor. She asks him about his reaction to Sister Abigail as he assumed that last week, Bray lost his mind. However, after seeing her tonight, he fears that Bray may have unleashed something evil and now knows what he has to do before walking off the set. I feel for Balor in having to sell for this nonsense.

More clips of The Shield from earlier tonight.

Next week, Reigns will face Strowman in a steel cage match.

Charly is with Kalisto and asks him about his lumberjack match tonight for the Cruiserweight Championship. He first speaks in Spanish then talks about being inspired by Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero to travel the world and inspire him to fulfill his dream as someone like Enzo is a disgrace as Kalisto promises to win the title tonight.

The cruiserweight lumberjacks head out to the ring. I did not notice Neville, Gran Metalik, or Lince Dorado.

Tomorrow night on 205 Live we will see Rich Swann vs. TJP

Enzo heads out to the ring and runs down the lumberjacks before calling himself “money” then proclaims himself as the “realest champ in the room.” He still points out how Tozawa liked him on Twitter and spares him from any insults then ends with his SAWFT routine.

Lumberjack Match for the Cruiserweight Title: Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore (c)

Enzo and Kalisto start by fighting over a headlock. Enzo slides outside after mocking Kalisto but runs back in when he sees the rest of the lumberjacks. Kalisto dropkicks Enzo outside then Enzo runs back in and yells at Ali. The crowd gets behind Kalisto’s lucha chants then we head to break with Kalisto in control. The action returns with Enzo beating on Kalisto as we saw him take control during the break with a cheap shot while Kalisto was between the ropes. Enzo mouths off at the lumberjacks but Kalisto fights back and gets a two count with a springboard crossbody. Kalisto clotheslines Enzo outside then Enzo shoves Ali into the barricade before heading inside. Enzo whiplashes Kalisto into the corner then tosses him outside where Kendrick, Gallagher, and Daivari stomp away until Cedric & Ali make the save. Back inside, Enzo works a chinlock on the mat. Kalisto escapes then hits a hurricarana for two. Enzo kicks Kalisto down then shoves him outside. Ali stops Daivari from stomping Kalisto then Daivari jaws with Ali and gets decked as that triggers a brawl between the lumberjacks ending with Kalisto superplexing Enzo on top of everyone outside as the crowd goes nuts. Back inside, Enzo blocks the Salida del Sol and hits the Eat Defeat then makes the cover but Ali yanks him outside. Enzo is pissed as Ali yells back that he does not represent them. Enzo cheap shots Ali then cuts Kalisto off up top. Enzo climbs up now but Kalisto fights back and hits the Salida del Sol and gets the win as we have a new Cruiserweight Champion (13:55) **1/2. After the match, Cedric & Ali celebrate with Kalisto and lift him up on their shoulders.

Thoughts: This match had heat and the crowd got behind Kalisto. It was not a fine display of technical wrestling or anything but fun enough and the lumberjack stipulation enhanced this greatly if you ask me because who wants to see Enzo in a straight singles match? They also have set up something between Enzo and Ali, who is an extremely underrated talent. The fact the title switched again is odd and I have no idea what happens with Kalisto as champ but the way things have been going, seeing Enzo win it back at TLC would not be a surprise.

Final Thoughts: The show revolved around The Shield reuniting and that stuff was all good. I thought Kalisto winning the Cruiserweight Championship to end the show was a nice moment and enjoyed the Alexa/Mickie segment but there was too much crap on this show. The Sister Abigail segment was moronic and the Women’s Fatal Five Way match was terrible. The final hour was bad and besides the main event, TLC is not shaping up to be a strong card and they have just one more week of TV to hype up the show.

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