Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #9

On the 9th episode of Wrestlings Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and SHAWN KIDD as the travel to Montreal for No Way Out 2003. Topics discussed include an absolute banger of a show theme tune, a Jeff Hardy match Ben and Shawn quite like, glow stick jizz, whacky thrown together tag teams, big MFers, being addicted to BJ, a match being described as ‘slow and punchy and restholdy’, peak Steph, a true hidden classic, one of the greatest video package for one of the worst matches of all time, german supplexes v neckbreakers, totally unbiased JR commentary, the debut of Hollywood Rock and a very disappointing rematch. We wrap thing up with our end of show awards, come for the concept but stay for bring me to life, its Wrestling’s Chicken Salad.