Wrestling‘s Chicken Salad #19

On episode 19 of Wrestling’s Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they review 1997s In Your House: D-Generation X.

Topics discussed include a pretty good opener, racially sensitive commentary, the most pointless 6 man tag in history, change in WWE policy, a very serious discussion about Sable, Conrad Thompson without hair, a reappearance from a popular character, a scum of a scum, ingrained boogers, Styrofoam coolers, Sgt. Slaughter carrying a match in late 97, pondering Steph’s nicknames for HHH, Jeff Jarrett’s consistency, Kane Marks, beeper 3:16, a match full of iconic moments, Shawn being an absolute cock, Shamrock not being ready for the main event, a surprise twist ending, an acceptance of the Lane award and some very unprofessional plugging.

Come for concept but stay for some green eggs and ham, its Wrestling’s Chicken Salad.