WrestleMania Weekend Recap: Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor IX


Supercard of Honor 9 3/27/2015 Redwood City, California

Kevin Kelly and Adam Cole are on commentary.

Mark Briscoe vs ACH

ACH works towards a dropkick followed by chops. Briscoe picks up ACH in a back suplex position and slams him to the mat. Briscoe hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and gets a Russian leg-sweep. Briscoe tries to clothesline ACH over the top rope and gets it on the second attempt. Briscoe goes for a dropkick through the ropes but ACH jumps and catches Briscoe with his own dropkick. ACH laps around the outside of the ring and swings on the ringpost into a flying headscissors on Briscoe. They return to the ring and ACH hits a flatliner. Briscoe gets to the outside and buries his shoulder in the gut of a charging ACH. Briscoe hits a chop from the top rope and mule-kicks ACH into the corner. Briscoe does Red Neck Kung Fu and then delivers an exploder. Briscoe poses for a crane kick but ACH connects with a kick to the head. Briscoe goes outside and ACH sets up for a dive. Briscoe stops him and gives him a vertical suplex on the floor. Briscoe does an elbow-drop to the floor. Briscoe attempts a Fisherman’s Suplex inside but ACH escapes and hits an ace crusher and a German suplex. ACH goes up top but Briscoe knocks him onto the turnbuckle and headbutts him. ACH pushes Briscoe off and jumps at him. Briscoe catches him and they trade pin attempts. ACH goes for a sunset flip but Briscoe sits down and gets the three-count. ACH has really stepped up his game lately, what with great matches with Joe and Styles, and Mark Briscoe looks to be in the best wrestling shape of his career.

Michael Elgin vs Frankie Kazarian

Elgin starts in with knees and forearms right away. Kazarian matches him with wrestling and hits a legdrop on the ropes. Elgin hits a rolling neckbreaker off the ropes. Elgin does a reverse necbreaker and then brings the ringbell in. The referee takes it from him but Elgin takes Kazarian outside, puts a chair over his head and runs him into the ringpost.

Kazarian hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Kazarian tries to springboard but Elgin drops him throat-first on the ropes. Elgin tries a suplex on the apron but Kazarian sweeps the leg. Kazarian slingshots into the ring into a DDT. Elgin hits a somersault legdrop off the second turnbuckle. Kazarian rolls through Elgin’s buckle-bomb attempt and goes for a cross armbreaker but Elgin gets the rope-break. Elgin hits an enzuiguri. Elgin deadlifts Kazarian into a German suplex and then forearms him in the corner. Kazarian hits back with a boot to the face and a neckbreaker but Elgin stops him with a clothesline. Kazarian goes to the apron and Elgin goes for a deadlift superplex but Kazarian tries a sunset flip bomb that is blocked by Elgin. Kazarian kicks Elgin in the jaw and slingshots him into an Ace cutter. Elgin hits a falcon arrow from the top rope. Elgin nails a spinning backfist and a spinning sit-out powerbomb for the pinfall win. Christopher Daniels comes to the ring to protect Kazarian but Elgin bring a chair in and attacks Daniels with it. Elgin gives Daniels a powerbomb and also attacks Kazarian with the chair. Elgin is coming back into very good form after a rough few months following his title loss.

Six-Man Mayhem: Matt Sydal vs Cedric Alexander vs Moose vs Caprice Coleman vs Tomasso Ciampa vs Andrew Everett

Sydal and Everett start, with Sydal avoiding a standing shooting star and Everett avoiding a knee-tuck moonsault. Alexander hits a dropkick on Moose who responds with one of his own. Coleman does a one-inch punch on Ciampa to no effect. Ciampa hits the ropes for his running knee but starts to show effects of the one-inch punch. Alexander and Coleman double-team Sydal and then Ciampa until Alexander turns on Coleman. Moose comes in and throws out Alexander. Moose charges at Everett who ducks and Moose goes to the floor. Everett comes up short with a tope con giro but Moose catches him and power-bombs him into the ropes. Sydal takes a headbutt from Moose on the floor. Coleman does a moonsault onto all three men and Alexander hits a tope con giro. Alexander springboards into the ring but Ciampa catches him and hits a German suplex. Ciampa knees him to the outside and then hits a draping flatliner on Coleman. Ciampa hits Everett with a clothesline and gives him Project Ciampa. Sydal hits Ciampa with a step-up enzuiguri, a backbreaker and a knee-tuck moonsault. Coleman tries a vertical suplex on Sydal who stops him and gives him a leg-drop while giving Alexander a chin-breaker. Sydal tries a cross-body on Moose who catches him and throws him onto Ciamp on the outside. Everett lays into Moose with kicks and springboards off the second rope with a dropkick. Moose gives him a pop-up into a clothesline and Coleman hits a top-rope legdrop on a standing Moose. Ciampa takes Alexander up top but Alexander traps Ciampa in the ropes and hits him with three dropkicks. Everett hits a rana on Alexander. Everett goes up top and Coleman gives him a no-hands top rope rana. Moose spears Coleman and Sydal hits a shooting star press on Everett for the pin. This match was just right with almost everyone getting a chance to shine.  Moose and Everett stand out as break-out stars for the company.

BJ Whitmer vs Jimmy Jacobs (No Disqualification)

This is Jacobs’ last match in the company before going to work with WWE. Whitmer comes out with Colby Corino. Jacobs and Whitmer hug then start slugging away at each other. Whitmer suplexes Jacobs over the top rope and is dragged along with him. Jacobs runs Whitmer’s head into a chair held by a fan. Jacobs and Whitmer start swinging chairs at each other. Whitmer nails Jacobs and gives him a backbreaker and a snap suplex. Whitmer delivers a spinebuster and then jams chairs between the ropes in two corners. Whitmer whips Jacobs into the chairs but Jacobs hits a spear. Jacobs starts hitting Whitmer with a chair and drop toe-holds him onto the chair. Jacobs does his jumping Ace cutter off the second turnbuckle. Cole, who has been arguing with Kelly through the match, throws down his headset and leaves commentary. Whitmer powerslams Jacobs into the turnbuckles. Whitmer hits two fisherman busters. Jacobs rolls him up and hits the Contra code. Jacobs sets up a table in the ring and eventually hits Whitmer with a senton that doesn’t break the table. Jacobs sets up the table between the ring and barricade and does a senton from the top turnbuckle to put Whitmer through the table. Jacobs applies a guillotine but Whitmer gets out and hits a brainbuster. Whitmer gives Jacobs a brainbuster through a chair and then puts him on the top rope for a powerbomb. Jacobs backrdrops him and then leaps off with an ace cutter. Jacobs hits a contra code and sets up chairs but Whitmer takes over and gives Jacobs an exploder through the chairs for the pinfall. The fans chant “Thank You Jimmy” but Whitmer won’t shake his hand. Whitmer and Colby attack Jacobs from behind and are run off by the returning Lacey. Jacobs and Lacey hug and “The Ballad of Lacey” is played. This was a really good send-off for Jacobs.

Christopher Daniels vs Roderick Strong

They go back and forth and Strong hits a clothesline. Daniels does a single-leg dropkick. Strong starts with chops but Daniels hits a forearm. Daniels slams Strong but holds his back. Daniels hits a moonsault and then Strong backdrops him to the floor. Daniels goes for a moonsault from the apron but Strong grabs him and drops him back-first on the apron. Strong takes Daniels inside and works over his back. Daniels strikes back with elbows and a boot to the face but Strong gives him a backbreaker across his knee. Daniels hits an STO, a German suplex and a version of a spinebuster. Strong hits an enzuiguri and goes up top but Daniels gives him an iconoclasm. Strong gives Daniels an Olympic slam. Strong does an STO into a backbreaker and then does a superplex. Daniels avoids a Strong-Hold and delivers another STO. Strong avoids Daniels’ Best Moonsault Ever and gets him in the Strong-Hold. Daniels goes for the ropes and then rolls up Strong who responds with two sick-kicks and a double-knee gutbuster. Strong gets a jumping knee, a sick-kick, another gutbuster and a backbreaker. Strong applies the Strong-Hold and wins as Daniels taps out. I didn’t expect much from this match but Strong is at the top of his game and Daniels totally hung with him here.

ROH Tag Team Titles: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (c) with Tom Lawlor vs Mike Bennett and Matt Taven with Maria Kanellis

O’Reilly controls Bennett early and gets a cross armbreaker. Fish does a rolling senton from the apron and also gets a snap suplex. Bennett punches O’Reilly but Fish kicks his leg and knocks him to the apron. O’Reilly and Taven trade strikes and Taven misses a cross-body off the ropes. O’Reilly goes to the apron where Bennett hits him with a spear and Taven does a second rope dropkick to knock Fish to the floor. Taven and Bennett take over on O’Reilly and Bennett hits a Thesz Press. Bennett gets a spinebuster followed by Taven hitting a quebrada. Taven does a sunset flip but O’Reilly transitions into a cross armbreaker broken up by Bennett. O’Reilly plays face-in-peril until Fish tags in and gives a Samoan Drop to Taven and an exploder to Bennett. Taven and Fish battle for a suplex and O’Reilly comes in with a knee-strike. Fish puts Taven in a cross-knee backbreaker for a top rope knee-drop from O’Reilly. Redragon does some gyrating a la Rick Rude. O’Reilly gives Bennett an armbreaker in the ropes while Fish does a tope on Taven. O’Reilly does a double stomp on Bennett’s leg and Fish hits him with a moonsault. Fish gives Bennett a cross armbreaker while O’Reilly gives Taven a guillotine. Maria starts yelling at the referee and is carried to the back by Lawlor. Taven superkicks O’Reilly but takes a Saito suplex from Fish. Bennett superkicks Fish but Bennett puts him in a sleeper. Bennett gives O’Reilly a backpack chinbreaker while Taven gives him a bicycle kick. Bennett does a Twist of Fate on Fish followed by a swanton dive by Taven. Fish and Bennett go outside and Taven does a tope but hits Bennett. O’Reilly does a missile dropkick into the barricade on Taven. Bennett hits Fish with a spear in the ring. One of The Knights of the Red Dawn (who appears to be Adam Cole under a mask) hits the ring and tries to superkick Fish but hits Bennett. Fish gives Bennett a falcon arrow and gets the pin. This was a fun match and if Fish and O’Reilly weren’t already such great champions for the company, Bennett and Taven certainly could be.

ROH TV Title: Jay Lethal (c) vs Jushin Liger

Adam Cole joins commentary again and denies being under the mask in the previous match. Liger works over Lethal with submissions early including a surfboard. Liger misses a dropkick to the floor and gets thrown into the barricade. They trade chops inside and Lethal hits a vertical suplex. Lethal applies a modified Indian Deathlock and lifts Liger in a surfboard. Lethal does three elbow-drops on Liger. Lethal goes up top for an elbow but Liger gets his legs up. Lethal lands on his feet and Liger hits him with a rolling kick. Liger avoids a Lethal Injection and hits his shote palm-strike. Liger does another palm-strike in the corner and hits a top-rope rana. Liger does a top-rope splah but Lethal gets his knees up. Lethal hits a Lethal Combination and Liger goes outside. Lethal attempts a tope suicida but Liger blocks him and does a brainbuster on the floor. They return to the ring and Lethal grabs his belt but Liger ducks and grabs the belt from Lethal. As the referee takes the belt from Liger, Lethal attacks with a superkick and a Lethal Injection to get the pinfall victory. It is unbelievable how good Liger is, whether he is fifty years old or not, and Lethal is possibly the best he’s ever been right now which made for a good match.

ROH World Title: Jay Briscoe (c) vs Samoa Joe

They feel each other out and Briscoe starts throwing forearms with Joe responding with punches. Briscoe hits a dropkick and Joe hits an enzuiguri. Briscoe knocks Joe down with a dropkick and works toward a vertical suplex. Briscoe tees off with punches. Joe fights back with forearms and charges Briscoe but hits the ropes. Joe is outside and stops a dive by Briscoe with an enzuiguri. Joe gives Briscoe some jabs and hits another enzuiguri. Joe hits a leg-drop and appears to have hurt his knee. Joe kicks Briscoe to the floor and hits a diving elbow to Briscoe. Briscoe throws a chair in Joe’s face to stop an Ole Kick. Briscoe throws Joe into the barricade. Joe fights back and swings him into the barricade. Joe hits Briscoe with two Ole Kicks and takes him into the ring. Joe goes for a muscle-buster but Briscoe escapes and hits a reverse neckbreaker. Briscoe hits a superkick and gives Joe a back suplex. Briscoe gets Joe up and hits a Death Valley Driver. Joe backdrops out of a Jay Driller attempt. Joe hits a clothesline, an inverted atomic drop, a head-kick and a senton.  Joe hits Briscoe with a powerslam and a powerbomb. He transitions into a Boston Crab, an STF and a crossface. Briscoe gets the rope-break and they trade strikes including Joe hitting an enzuiguri and a knee-strike. Joe gives Briscoe an STO in the corner and goes for a muscle-buster. Briscoe gets out and hits a Jay Driller for the pin and keeps his title. I think Joe’s injury kept this from being as good as his recent match with ACH but it was still very good. Joe’s current indy run feels like a renaissance and Briscoe has far surpassed being a guy who the title was quickly change to last September.

I thought this would be a one-match show and I was wrong. Everything was good and the card built really well. ROH feels like it is hot right now and I can’t wait to see them live in Toronto next month.